Promoting your store reopening with Spotify Ad Studio

Given the growth of e-commerce and its impact on consumer purchase behaviors, new store openings haven’t been as big of a focus for many national, regional, and local retailers. COVID-19 changed that. Now, many non-food, non-hardware retailers in the US and across the globe are working to create a store reopening strategy.

Ad campaigns promoting new store openings can be challenging to manage due to unpredictable launch dates (think construction delays, store set-up, etc.), smaller media budgets, and gaining appropriate market coverage with highly targeted messages. Retailers will face the same challenges for COVID-19-related store reopenings — with the added complication that all of your competitors will be fighting for brand awareness and share of wallet in the same markets at the same time.

Plus, past reliance on traditional radio to do the heavy lifting for local store announcements won’t fit the bill since in-car listening has fallen dramatically in recent months. This means mobile, smart home, and desktop audio message strategies will be more important than ever to drive market awareness and consumer call-to-action.

In today’s retail climate, consumers hold the cards — as a retailer, it’s up to you to get their attention and hold it. Though it may seem like a tall order, the right retail marketing strategy can provide the edge your business needs to succeed. Here’s how.

Remove friction Make it easy for people to hear your message and get important information about your brand by showing up on platforms they're already on. Ad Studio lets you reach your target audience on desktop and mobile devices as they soundtrack their day on Spotify.

Go local It's never been more important to reach local customers — make sure you’re letting the right people know about your store reopening. Use geotargeting, like Ad Studio’s city or postal code targeting, to reach an audience that’s more likely to find your reopening relevant.

React to the moment Your ads should be timely and appropriate to the larger moment, but that doesn’t mean it’s all business. Make sure your message showcases your brand personality to capture attention. Ad Studio can help with both. Whether you have an existing audio ad or need help making one, get it up and running quickly with Ad Studio. Our free creative tools and services let you build an audio ad from scratch using a professional voice actor that fits your business’s vibe.

Be flexible As new information and regulations roll out daily, being able to adapt your ads accordingly is key. With Ad Studio, you can create and edit these time-sensitive campaigns at any time, optimizing for market opportunities as they surface. You can also access real-time reporting to help you adjust live campaigns and help guide decisions about subsequent campaigns. And because the platform is self-serve, you have the keys at all times.

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