Audience targeting: Find your people

Our data-driven targeting tools help you find your customers and reach them across different devices, moments, and advertising formats.

Target your audience on Spotify

When people immerse themselves in music and podcasts on Spotify, they trust us to get their taste and algorithm just right. The same holds true for the ads they experience on our platform. Our audience targeting tools fast-track your message to people in moments that are relevant for them—and your business.

Demographic targeting

Let's start with the basics. Connect with your target audiences using Spotify’s first-party demographic data.

Behavioral targeting

You can learn a lot about someone by what they listen to. Go beyond demographics by reaching your target audiences through listening behaviors interests, and preferred music genres—just to name a few.

Contextual targeting

Define the environment and context where your ads get served. Be heard (and seen) in moments relevant to the listener experience.

Custom targeting

Looking for something a little more custom? Get in touch with our full-service sales team to talk about more ad formats and targeting options.

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