How to create an audio ad from scratch

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Our range of self-serve tools and solutions can help you learn how to create audio ads that’ll be music to your listeners’ ears.

It's as easy as do, re, mi

  1. Tell us what to say and pick background music
  2. Professional voice actors record your script
  3. We mix the sound and produce your digital audio ad

And just like that your custom ad is ready to be heard! Not pitch perfect? You can easily request changes to any part of your audio ad. Read on to learn how to make digital audio advertising work for your marketing and business needs.

Hear what our voice actors can do

We picked some of our favorite audio ad examples created with our free voiceover tool. Take a listen, get inspired for your own content, and see the guidance that helped these advertisers hit the right notes when selecting a voice actor to work with.

Helping kids in need with Compassion Canada

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Compassion Canada: Outlove Poverty // Canada

Voiceover profile: Female | Young adult

Voice actor instructions: Kind and upbeat tone

Campaign detail: Compassion Canada asked Spotify listeners to take a moment in between songs and think about the impact a small donation can make to a child in need.

Baking for the holidays with Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin

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Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin: Butter Holiday Recipe // US

Voiceover profile: Female | Young adult

Voice actor instructions: Lively, energetic

Campaign detail: Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin (DFW) sought to reach the state’s residents during the holiday season at times when they’re open to hearing about butter outside of a grocery store environment. DFW encouraged listeners to use local Wisconsin butter for all their baking needs and shared a recipe of their own, in addition to a unique Wisconsin Butter Holiday Baking playlist.

Toasting women with Treasury Wine Estates

00:00 / 00:00

Treasury Wine Estates: International Women's Day // UK

Voiceover profile: Female | Adult

Voice actor instructions: Fun and relaxed tone; as if you were talking with one of your friends

Campaign detail: Treasury Wine Estates encouraged Spotify listeners to get together for International Women’s Day and share a glass of Blossom Hill Wines.

Helping students get cheap textbooks with Zookal

00:00 / 00:00

Zookal - Studying // Australia

Voiceover profile: Male | Young adult

Voice actor instructions: Clear, happy tone; spell out “z-o-o-k-a-l” in the CTA

Campaign detail: Zookal grabbed the attention of Spotify listeners with their affordable and convenient Uni textbook service, listing out specific benefits to drive awareness.

Not sure what to say?

We take care of everything else, but you provide the script. Here are some tips to get you started on writing an ad that resonates.

The basics

1. Introduce yourself.

Sounds obvious, right? But some campaigns don’t mention the business name audibly in their audio. Introduce your business and focus on the most important point you want the listener to walk away with. For a 30 second ad, aim for between 55-70 words.

2. Personalize it.

Brands that create ads personalized to their listenr tend to see higher engagement. If you’re targeting a specific location, consider mentioning it — for example, say, “Hey Boston!” Also, try matching any background music to the tastes of your target audience.

3. Include a call to action.

Clickthrough rates are ~3x higher for ads that have a direct call-to-action than those with none.1 Ask the listener to do something like “tap now to learn more.” Adding exclusives or promotional codes to your audio ad can also make a difference.

Ready to level up? Check out our creative best practices for more.

¹Nielsen Brand Effect Studies, Dec 2018

How to get started on an audio ad script

Need more guidance? Look no further. We break down the anatomy of a great ad and provide sample scripts to help get you started.

But wait, there’s more...

In addition to helping you get started on your script, find your sound, and record your ad, we also include the following tools and services to help you create an audio ad from scratch:

  • A catalogue of licensed background tracks recorded by independent artists to choose from to complement your voiceover.
  • Sound mixing services to make sure your voiceover and background music are in harmony.
  • Full audio production to pull all of the elements together so your ad is heard loud and clear.
  • Audio revision tools that make it easy to change your background music, volume levels, and voiceover timing.

See? The best things in life are free.

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