Industry Marketing Solutions

Reaching hyper-targeted audiences is our speciality. From this page, learn more about how Spotify can help you tailor your marketing strategies directly to audiences that are relevant to the industry your business operates in.

Retail marketing

Who doesn’t need some retail therapy? Discover industry trends, retail-specific marketing tactics, and how Spotify can help you level up your retail advertising strategy.

Automotive marketing

Get ready to hit the road! Spotify is here to walk you through marketing trends within the automotive industry and how you can fine-tune your ad strategy to drive results.

Financial services marketing

Tired of crunching numbers? Spotify can help transform insights into actions. From identifying industry trends to giving you the tools needed to identify your target audience, we’ll help you to define a compelling financial marketing strategy.

Entertainment marketing

Lights, camera, action! Discover how Spotify can help you spotlight your entertainment business, brand, product or service through targeted and effective marketing strategies.

Technology & telecommunications marketing

Your audience is tech-savvy, so why not meet them on a channel where tech is constantly evolving? Explore tech and telecom industry trends, and learn how Spotify can help you create innovative, targeted advertising campaigns that cut through the clutter.

Spotify Ads for Agencies

Need a big win for your clients? Digital audio advertising creates opportunities to reach audiences in unique and effective ways. Work with us to define a target audience based on Spotify 1P data, and build professional ad creative that can give your clients great value for their money.

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