Getting started: Audience targeting

Your audience is listening.

Our targeting capabilities enable you to reach listeners across devices, moments, and formats as they engage with their favorite music and podcast content.

Here's what you can do with audience targeting

Tell your brand story

Be a part of the listening experience. Spotify’s logged-in audience enables brands to identify users across their devices, within different moments and contexts throughout their day, to tell an effective story that will resonate with listeners.

Deliver a message that resonates

Tailor your messaging to pique listener interest. Historical listening behaviors give you insight into listener interests over time, enabling you to reach the right listener with the right message.

Be present in the moment

Deliver messaging that is relevant to the listener experience. Use real-time targeting to deliver a seamless ad experience and engage with users in specific moments throughout their day.

Explore our capabilities

If you’re advertising through Ad Studio, check out our Targeting on Ad Studio page in our Help Center.

If you’re buying directly with a Spotify ads specialist, below is our suite of solutions to help you reach key groups of audiences, delivering the right message to the right people at the right time.

Note: Targeting capabilities vary by market and channel.


Let's start with the basics. Through core demographics, you can reach users based on who they are.

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location

Device and connectivity

We know you know it, but it's worth repeating: Understanding your audience's context is crucial. That's why we give you the most advanced means of reaching them, no matter how they stay connected.

  • Automotive
  • Connected Home
  • Daypart
  • Platform
  • OS/Mobile Carrier/Device

Listening behaviors

You can learn a lot about someone by what they listen to. Go beyond demographics by reaching your people through listening behaviors that offer a unique glimpse into your audience's interests.

  • Genre
  • Sub-genre
  • Playlist Category
  • Podcast Category

Predicted interests

Want to take your targeting one step further? Leveraging Spotify's Streaming Intelligence, we can help you reach users based on what we predict they're interested in.

  • Lookalike Targeting

Off-platform behaviors

Even though we’re ranked #1 for time spent on mobile apps,¹ we recognize listeners have lives beyond Spotify. Reach users based on how they’re behaving off our platform.

  • Custom Audience Match
  • 3rd Party Interest Targeting
  1. Brand Intimacy Study 2020, MBLM

Past interactions

You don’t need a degree in behavioral economics to know that the best predictor of future behavior is often what you do in the past. Reach your people based on how they’ve historically interacted with ads on Spotify.

  • Brand Exposure
  • Sequential Messaging
  • Real-time Retargeting

Understand the essentials

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