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Tech & Telecom marketing: overview & industry trends

If you’ve found your way to this page, chances are you’re familiar with the tech and telecommunications industries and their typical marketing strategies. In short, tech and telecom marketing is the use of promotional strategies to spread awareness about products or services within the Tech and Telecom sector. These could include gadgets, devices, connectivity software, or cloud-based solutions.

Staying on top of wider industry trends will help you develop a relevant and cohesive marketing plan—and keep you connected to your audience. Scroll on to learn more about tech and telecom marketing, and how Spotify can help you reach and engage your customers across both B2B and B2C channels.

Industry insights:

  • 63%

    of early tech adopters on Spotify spend at least an hour with music streaming every day¹

  • 17%

    Spotify ad-supported listeners are 17% more likely to be early tech adopters compared to the U.S. population¹

Reaching Tech & Telecom customers

Consumers of Tech and Telco need to be aware of the unique value propositions your business has to offer. In such a crowded market, compelling advertising and promotion is one of the best ways to achieve that awareness. Once you create your ideal target customer profile, picking the channels best suited to reach your customers is the next step.

Spotify can help connect tech and telco brands with deeply engaged audiences during screenless moments throughout their day. Because Spotify is beloved by its listeners, tech and telco brands can benefit from the halo effect and share the stage with Spotify to deliver their own creative content.

Learn more about audience targeting.

Customer spotlight: Microsoft

Hear from tech giant Microsoft on how they leveraged multi-format campaigns to drive greater impact on Spotify.
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Creating digital ads for your Tech or Telco business

Tech Create Ad Image As the world goes digital, ensuring you have marketing coverage across online touchpoints—such as streaming tv and audio—is crucial for success. Targeted digital ads can be one of the most effective ways to increase your brand awareness and drive revenue. To create a compelling digital Tech or Telecom ad, try to keep in mind the must-have qualities listed below.

  • Educational: Better not to overestimate, than vice-versa. Lay out the facts of your brand, service, or product, so that your audience isn’t left wondering about the what. Providing pricing info, contact details and other information up front saves confusion down the line.
  • Concise: Ad audiences don’t want to be thrown into the jargon pool. Steer clear of complex industry terminology and instead favor clear messaging to hold potential customers’ attention as they listen to your ad.
  • Unique: What gives your company an edge that your competitors lack? Emphasizing your differences in ad messaging is a great way to distinguish your brand.
  1. Source: Global Web Index, Spotify Free users, US, Q4 2021 - Q3 2022

Tech & Telecom FAQs

Telecom has many different types and subgroups of services, with the primary four being video, telephone, internet, and communications.

Technology marketing is the process of using a marketing mix to promote and drive sales of tech products and services, such as software solutions or project management tools.

Yes. The global telecom services market industry is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 6.2% between 2022 and 2030, according to a market analysis report from Grand View Research.

Yes! Crafting powerful ads on Spotify is simple. You can produce, manage, and measure your self-serve ad campaigns with Spotify Ad Studio. We help with everything from reaching your target audience, to providing voice-acting talent and an advanced measurement dashboard.

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