Ad Formats

Tell your story with video ads

Create moments of connection through visual storytelling, served only when your audience is viewing the app. Get started with video ads on Spotify today.

Why Spotify video ads

We've got video ads for every objective, ranging from sound-on and full-screen takeovers to non-interruptive formats that blend seamlessly with native content.

Video Takeover

Video Takeover ads are delivered when the screen is in view and the user is actively browsing to discover new music, reading lyrics, watching podcasts, and more. The ads include a companion banner, or CTA card, with a customizable call-to-action to help drive engagement.

Opt-in Video

Opt-In Video ads are optimized to reach listeners who are likely to view your video and be receptive to your brand message. Delivered on the Now Playing View (NPV) when the app is in view, Opt-In Video showcases your brand alongside the music that listeners have chosen to stream.

Discover custom enterprise solutions

Need something more tailored? Contact your Spotify sales representative to come up with a solution that works for your business.

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