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Millions of people around the world soundtrack their moments with Spotify. Reach them with easy-to-make ads that sound (and look) beautiful. Create your first ad in minutes with Ad Studio, our self-serve ad platform.

Ads sound better on Spotify.

With the power of streaming audio, you can tailor your message to your audience’s context — and drive results for your brand. Press play to hear what makes audio so impactful.

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How sound shaped a year of resilience

Explore audience insights and trends to see how listening behaviors changed this year.
Ad solutions for the streaming era

Our suite of ad experiences and creative tools help you create ads that hit the right note. That means better experiences for our listeners, and better results for your brand.

Be part of their soundtrack.

How to get started

Advertising on Spotify has never been easier. If you're ready to start running ads today, sign up below for Ad Studio — our self-serve platform. Or, work with the Spotify Advertising team to take advantage of our suite of ad experiences.

Create ads in minutes with Ad Studio

Our self-serve ad platform makes audio advertising easy. Ad Studio lets you create audio and video ads quickly, provides tools to measure impact, and offers free (yep, free) audio ad creative. Here's how it works.

Explore our full range of ad experiences

Want more? We’ve got it all, including audio, video, podcasts, and display. Check out all the ways you can get heard and seen on Spotify.

Why Spotify?

When our audience streams what they love, they're not just listening. They're learning, discovering, and engaging with content they can't get anywhere else. With Spotify Advertising, your message is part of these moments, helping you create and serve ads that get heard and drive action.

Listening is everything.

The data to prove it

We power ad delivery using our Streaming Intelligence — billions of unique data points that tell us how people listen — to share your message with listeners at the most relevant moments.

185M+ ad-supported listeners¹ worldwide

Spotify listeners tune in throughout their day, across cities, communities, and countries around the world.

#1 in brand intimacy

Our fans have all the feels for Spotify. We rank #1 in emotional connection² among mobile app users, and people say ads on Spotify make brands seem more relevant and trustworthy.³

4B+ playlists and 1.9M+ podcast titles

People on our platform are engaged (like, 2.5-hours-a-day⁴ engaged), following their passions through playlists, podcasts, and more.

See sources.

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Your audio campaign is a click away with Ad Studio, Spotify's self-serve ad platform.

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