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Fans on Spotify are deeply engaged with personally curated content. Interact with them wherever they are, across devices, to help drive measurable results.

Why Spotify?

The numbers don't lie

When ads reach you at the right moment, they don’t interrupt—they engage. That’s why Spotify ads are remembered more frequently and more favorably than other platforms.¹

5X increase

in ad recall

Looks like our streamers are recalling ads like Gen Z's recalling the 2000s.⁵

615m+ monthly

active users

From RapCaviar to pirate metal, there's something for everyone.⁶


ad engagement transferred

When people are engaged with their favorite bop or podcast, it translates to engagement with your ad.²


better performance

Compared to audio industry benchmarks, Spotify slays.³



People report being happier and more relaxed after streaming on Spotify vs scrolling social media.⁴

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Spotify does video too! Visual storytelling on Spotify helps you connect with users when they’re looking at their screens to make the most of in-focus moments.

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Spotify's ad manager gives you control of your campaigns.

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