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Learn to create, manage, and report on your self-serve campaigns in Spotify Ads Manager with our step-by-step guide.

Choose your objective

Select the right campaign objective to help you achieve your business goals.

Define your target audience

Connect with your audience using Spotify’s first-party data. Reach users across devices, moments, and advertising formats based on demographics, listening behaviors, environment and context, or through custom targeting.

Set your budget

Get your message out and spend what’s right for your budget, no matter the size of your business. Control your spend by setting a bid cap along with desired pacing and frequency based on your campaign goals.

Let us help you create an ad or repurpose assets

Achieve pitch-perfect audio storytelling without spending a dime on production. Spotify offers free audio ad creation services, or you can repurpose your existing video assets to create a Spotify ad.

Ready to measure your ad’s performance?

Don’t set it and forget it—understand the performance of your campaign with our measurement tools and analytics.

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