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Creating compelling marketing materials and ad strategies is vital to success within the entertainment industry. Learn more about the basics of entertainment marketing and how Spotify can become a crucial part of reaching your audience.

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Entertainment marketing: overview & industry trends

Entertainment marketing is the use of marketing tactics to promote products, services and events that exist within the entertainment industry—such as live concerts or new film releases. Seems pretty straightforward, right? When your business is promoting an entertainment product, marketing helps ensure that you gain the necessary visibility to capture and hold customer interest.

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In today’s crowded marketplace, that’s where things can get tricky. Read on to gain valuable insight into the state of the entertainment industry and how to best position your advertising strategy for success.

Industry insights:

  • 92%

    of ad-supported Spotify listeners are subscribed to paid video services¹

  • 52%

    of ad-supported Spotify listeners say they’ve discovered a new show or movie based on a playlist they listened to²

Reaching audiences in entertainment

A holistic marketing strategy leverages a mix of tactics that work together to reach your target audience. Within the entertainment industry, a brand’s marketing efforts might include digital advertising, sponsorship opportunities, and influencer partnerships. The emergence of streaming entertainment has led to marketplaces becoming more and more crowded, so finding a competitive edge is crucial.

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Here’s where Spotify can really help. Our innovative ad manager not only helps you identify your most valuable audiences, but also provides unique audience targeting capabilities to enable you to reach those consumers at various touchpoints throughout the day.

Learn more about audience targeting.

Customer Spotlight: Disney

Hear directly from marketing leadership at Disney Canada on increased competition within the entertainment industry, and how Disney stands out by leveraging Spotify to connect with their audience in leaned-in moments.
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Creating digital entertainment ads

Create Ad Image With the emergence of streaming entertainment, creating carefully targeted digital ads has become one of the most practical ways to reach an audience. Once you’ve identified your audience, create an ad that both captures their attention and provides clear, concise details about your product, service, or topic. Below we’ve outlined the essential qualities of a digital entertainment ad.

  • Exciting: It’s entertainment after all! Be sure to include elements that pop—audiences should associate your ad with fun and excitement.
  • Memorable: Make sure audiences remember your ad long after they hear or see it—catchy music, humor, or hired celebrity talent can help create a lasting impression.
  • Informative: The details of what you’re promoting must be clearly outlined. For example, if there are important dates or locations, be sure to mention them at least once during your ad.
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Entertainment Marketing FAQs

Examples of entertainment marketing activities might include promotional interviews for an upcoming film, social media ads for the latest video game, or streaming audio ads promoting a new podcast for you to check out. This is, of course, just to name a few of the many examples you might see throughout your day.

Branded entertainment marketing is when a brand takes over a segment or entire piece of popular media entertainment. For example, a company might sponsor a concert series and promote their products or services throughout the duration of the event.

Yes! Crafting a powerful ad on Spotify is simple. You can create, manage, and measure your self-serve ad campaigns with Spotify Ad Studio. We help with everything from reaching your target audience to providing voice-acting talent, to make creating your first digital entertainment ad as easy as possible.

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