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Spotify can help your clients be heard in the moment. Audio can reach audiences in moments where visual media can’t—making it an essential part of any marketing mix. In short, with Spotify you can connect with the right audience, in the right context.

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Why advertise on Spotify?

Spotify knows its audience. As of Q1 2023, we had an audience of 515 million monthly active users (MAU)—but we like to think of them as 515 million audiences of one. It may sound far-fetched, but because of Spotify’s ubiquity and deep fan engagement, we’re able to create a unique and personalized version of Spotify for every user on the platform. And now, with the rise of podcasts, they’re also discovering shows that align with their passions and interests—giving us even more insights about what they’re into.

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Reaching your client’s audience

Fortunately for listeners and advertisers, Spotify is everywhere. Constant connectivity gives us an advanced understanding of our listeners and your client’s audience, no matter when—or how—they stream throughout their day.

For marketers, tapping into screenless moments fills crucial gaps in the consumer journey. Spotify Ad Studio makes it easy to be heard in those moments. Integrating audio advertising into your client’s marketing strategy can help amplify a message as a consumer encounters it across different channels throughout their day—helping your client stand out in the crowd.

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Creating digital ads with Spotify

Tech Create Ad Image Spotify Ad Studio is simple, easy, and intuitive to use. Just follow these three simple steps to get your campaign (or campaigns) up and running.

  • Create your ad: If you already have an audio ad, you can easily upload it to Ad Studio. If not, just send us a script, and we’ll record the voiceover and produce the ad for you, free of charge.
  • Pick your audience: Reach listeners based on their age, gender, location, interests, real-time contexts, and even music or podcast taste. Select mobile, desktop, or both, so that your ad is heard in the right context.
  • Customize your campaign: Set your budget and campaign dates, then sit back, relax, and watch as people engage with your ad. You can edit your ad at any point throughout your campaign.
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