Getting started with Spotify ads: Creative best practices

Produce ads that engage and convert

Our platform is built on creativity, and brands who lead with a creative approach to their Spotify Advertising campaigns often reap the rewards. In this guide, we share top tips for crafting memorable audio and video ads that can create real connections with your audience, and drive full-funnel results.

Chapter 1: The power of Spotify Advertising

Over 615M people use Spotify to amplify their everyday moments, engaging with over 100M songs, and five million podcasts. We match this breadth of content with an array of ad formats to help advertisers reach audiences through creative combinations proven to drive higher engagement.

Chapter 2: Creative best practices for audio ads on Spotify

Served during playlists and podcasts—in a no-swipe, no-scroll environment—audio ads can help build personal connections in ways other media can’t. Discover excellent practices for crafting Spotify audio ads to help save you time and get you up and running with an audio-first campaign.

Chapter 3: Creative best practices for video ads on Spotify

A carefully crafted video ad has the potential to grab your audience’s attention when the app is in focus. With these creative best practices in mind, you can build breakthrough video ads from scratch—or repurpose existing video creative if you’ve already done the work.

Chapter 4: How to make your ads culturally relevant

People engage, learn, and connect with each other and creators on Spotify—helping them shape their own cultural identities and communities. Brands can demonstrate their commitment to their audience by creating ads that reflect and amplify these cultures. Here's how.

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