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Highlights from Spotify's Q1 2024 Earnings Report

Following the release of Spotify’s Q1 '24 earnings report, we recap the highlights for Spotify Advertising with some thought starters on how advertisers can take advantage.

2023 Wrapped for Advertisers

Explore the top ten trends and takeaways for advertisers on Spotify in 2023. From the listening habits of key demographics to the most favored ad formats, this roundup of insights can help kickstart your upcoming marketing plans.

Explore Culture Next 2023

In the global digital age, culture is constantly growing, morphing, and being redefined. It never stays the same—and anyone, anywhere, can influence its course. So what does that mean for advertisers? For this fifth iteration of Culture Next we reexamined the habits, behaviors and opinions of Gen Zs who drive culture on Spotify.

How Spotify is raising the bar on brand safety

At Spotify, our goal is to raise the bar on audio brand safety; delivering increased transparency and easy-to-use controls to connect millions of advertisers and creators to billions of fans in a trusted environment. Here's how we're doing it.

Spotify Exclusive: Drive Results With Every Listen

Tune into our inspiration sessions to hear what’s new at Spotify, learn how to develop best-in-class audio creative, and discover the future of audio measurement.

Sonic Science: Why sound matters for your brand

Spotify partnered with Neuro-Insight to find out how audio affects memory, mood, and emotion—and what it means for brands. Explore the research and get started on Spotify Ad Studio to create audio and video ads that resonate.

Inside Tracks: Microsoft

In our new video series, Inside Tracks, we go behind the scenes with the leaders of some of the world’s biggest brands. In this episode, you'll hear from Microsoft’s Ryan Miles, Head of Media, Windows for EMEA & LATAM on how Microsoft drive greater impact with multi-format campaigns on Spotify.

Inside Spotify’s acquisition of Podsights

A Q&A with Spotify’s Khurrum Malik and Podsights’ Sean Creeley.

Millennials on Spotify: Key streaming moments

There’s no doubt about it — millennials are passionate about music. Three in four millennials say music is part of how they define who they are. We’ve identified seven key audio streaming moments for marketers to tap into.

How people stream audio

Getting context right — landing the right message, in the right setting, at the right time — is key to getting your message heard. We asked users why and how they listen in order to more fully understand everyday audio moments.

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