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Understand and improve the performance of your advertising with our comprehensive measurement solutions—making it easy to plan, optimize, and validate your marketing strategies.

Spotify Ad Analytics

Measure the full-funnel impact of your Spotify campaigns and track conversions across your non–Spotify audio ads too. Get started free-of-charge.

Spotify Ad Studio

Set campaign goals, fine-tune your targeting, adjust as you go, and measure performance—all within Ad Studio, Spotify’s self-serve ad manager.

  • +81%

    Audio ads drive an 81% lift in ad recall

  • +26%

    Audio ads drive a 26% lift in brand awareness

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Work with one of our best-in-class partners who know all about Spotify. They’re ready to help you measure the results that matter to your business.

Discover if your ad reached the right audience and, if so, at what scale? Understanding the reach metrics of your ad can help you adjust campaigns accordingly.

Find out how your audience felt about your ad. Explore metrics like awareness, recall, and purchase intent to understand how your ad resonated with your audience.

Quantify how your ad influenced audiences to take action – whether success for your brand means driving website visits, clicks, conversions, or something else.

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