Getting started: Ad measurement

Quantify your campaign's reach and impact with the Spotify streaming generation through our suite of measurement solutions.

Campaign reporting

Whether you’re running audio, video, display, or even podcast ads, Spotify’s streaming environment means you’ll get insights into ad delivery, ad engagement, and audience insights with every campaign.

If you're using Ad Studio, Spotify's self-serve ad platform, you’ll have access to real-time reporting through your Ad Studio account. Your ad report includes a summary of the ad campaign, including the start/end dates and budget, and a summary of the targeting. You’ll also see the following:

  • Ad delivery metrics like ads served, reach, frequency, and completion rate
  • Performance metrics like clicks, CTR, and quartile completion rates
  • Audience metrics like age, gender, genre, and platform
  • Streaming conversion results like listeners, new listeners, and average streams per listener (for music promotion campaigns only).

Learn more about Ad Studio reporting.

Reporting partners available on Ad Studio

Spotify's reporting partners provide services to help advertisers analyze and measure the overall impact of their Ad Studio campaigns. Through our reporting partners, you have real-time access to your Ad Studio campaign metrics to view within their reporting dashboards.

Today, our partners include — Datorama, Funnel.IO, Clarisights, ReportGarden, Whatagraph, Supermetrics, and TapClicks.

Custom measurement solutions

Have a specific campaign goal or challenge? If you're working directly with a Spotify ads specialist, we have a robust suite of measurement solutions to answer your questions and create optimization opportunities for more effective campaigns.

Our measurement suite is categorized into three groups to help you navigate and understand each offering.


Reaching the right audience in an environment you can trust is the first step to a successful campaign.

We’ve partnered with best in class third party measurement partners to ensure you can access solutions for ad verification, brand safety, ad fraud, and viewability.


Spotify provides a unique environment to reach the streaming generation with your brand message. Your brand’s message creates an impact when people hear and/or see your ad. Understanding this impact helps inform and optimize your campaigns.

We’ve partnered with leading brand lift solutions to help you measure awareness, favorability, intent, and more.


Ad campaigns are created to support and drive business goals. Once you’ve decided the action you want people to take, the next step is to measure how often that action was taken after exposure to your ad.

We’ve partnered with leaders in the market to measure sales lift, both online and offline sales, as well as in-store visitation, TV tune-in, podcast attribution, and more.

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