Powerful ad measurement capabilities

Get insights into actual ad performance and audience engagement with every campaign.

Track performance and get real-time insights
Whether you’re running digital audio, video, or podcast ads on Spotify, you can track your campaign's impact and make real-time adjustments with built-in reporting tools and audience insights.

Easy campaign management and reporting

Set campaign goals, fine-tune your targeting, adjust as you go, and measure performance—all within Ad Studio, Spotify’s self-serve ad manager.

Plan towards your goals and adjust bids in real-time

Track ad delivery metrics like ads served, reach, frequency, budget pacing, and completion rate.

Monitor performance metrics like clicks, CTR, and quartile completion rates.

Get insights into who's listening with attributes like age, gender, genre, and streaming device.

Get metrics on listeners, new listeners, and average streams (for music promotion campaigns only).

Reporting partners available on Ad Studio

Spotify's reporting partners provide services to help advertisers analyze and measure the overall impact of their Ad Studio campaigns. You can access your Ad Studio campaign metrics within our reporting partners’ dashboards.

Today, our partners include — Datorama, Funnel.IO, Clarisights, ReportGarden, Whatagraph, Supermetrics, TapClicks, Adverity, and AgencyAnalytics.

Custom ad measurement solutions

Have a specific campaign goal or challenge? If you're working directly with a Spotify ads specialist, we have a suite of measurement solutions to answer your questions and create optimization opportunities for more effective campaigns.

Our custom measurement suite is categorized into three groups: Reach, Resonance, and Reaction.

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