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Whether you’re a long-time podcast advertiser or just starting to build your first campaign, you’ll find the tools and solutions you need to deliver on your business objectives on Spotify.

Why Spotify podcast ads

Almost half of Millennials and Gen Zs said that when they hear an ad during a podcast, they trust the brand or product being promoted because of the trusted relationship they have with the hosts.¹ That’s a powerful halo effect brands can benefit from.

Creating podcast ads on Spotify

With Spotify’s ad manager, you can simply select ‘automatic placement’ to run ads across both music and podcasts. Check out our ad specs to make sure your creative is optimized for delivery on Spotify.

Our data-driven targeting helps you locate your core audience and works to reach them based on factors such behavioral, demographic, and contextual characteristics.

All you need is an idea and a vision. We’ll do the rest with free audio ad creation tools on Spotify’s ads manager—from drafting the script for your approval to recording the voiceover and producing the ad for you.

At any point in your campaign, get insights on performance. Fine-tune your marketing campaigns to make each one even more powerful than the one before it.

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