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Start your engines! In order to succeed in the automotive industry, brands need to have a variety of strategies to deliver their messages across in-market consumers and owners. Luckily, Spotify is here to walk you through marketing trends within the auto industry and how to develop a compelling ad strategy.

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Automotive marketing: overview & industry trends

If you’ve landed here you’re probably well versed on the automotive industry, but at Spotify we’re all about breaking it down—so let’s start with the basics. Automotive marketing is the use of promotional strategies to drive brand awareness and purchase intent of an auto company’s cars and other services.

We’re all used to seeing car commercials when watching our favorite shows on tv, but automotive marketing encapsulates a much wider variety of strategies used to reach targeted audiences. Scroll on to get the 411.

Industry insights:

  • 16%

    of recent grads on Spotify expect to purchase a vehicle in the next 6 months¹

  • 61%

    of first-time buyers on Spotify are under the age of 35²

Reaching your automotive audiences

Different vehicle segments and services have different marketing audiences and therefore require different marketing strategies. Research into what demographics and behavioral segments your target customers occupy is vital to developing the tactics you use to reach them. For example, audiences interested in trucks and SUVs will likely respond to completely different types of ads than, say, drivers interested in electric vehicles.

Fortunately, Spotify can help you narrow down your target audience and help you design automotive advertising campaigns tailored specifically to them.

Learn more about audience targeting.

Creating digital auto ads

Inline Image 2 Vertical LP Purchasing a vehicle is a major decision, requiring thoughtful research and consideration. So, automotive advertising needs to be informative and memorable in order to stand out in such a crowded marketplace. Brands need to ensure that they’re resonating with audiences throughout their shopping journey to give themselves the best chance of being the big winner when the final decision is made. Below, we’ve outlined three qualities of a great digital auto ad.

  • Confident: You know your vehicle is top of its class. Make sure that potential customers also know that by using assertive language that conveys absolute confidence in your brand.
  • Descriptive: Paint a vivid picture of what a customer will be experiencing as they drive their brand new car down the highway. Emphasize your brand’s unique qualities like the smoothness of the ride or the detailed interior design.
  • Safety-conscious: When someone gets behind the wheel, they want assurances that they’re safe from harm. Clearly explain the safety features of your vehicle give drivers peace of mind.
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Automotive marketing FAQs

As previously mentioned, no two auto marketing strategies are the same, so effective channels are largely determined by your target audience and the results you want to get from your campaign. For example, brand awareness campaigns might require a different marketing channel approach than campaigns designed to boost actual sales.

Yes! Crafting a powerful ad on Spotify is simple. You can produce, manage, and measure your self-serve ad campaigns with Spotify Ad Studio. We can provide help in reaching your target audience and providing voice acting talent to make creating your first digital automotive ad as easy as possible.

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