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Owning the romance (or anti-romance) moment on Spotify

Love it or loathe it, Valentine's Day comes around every year and lures listeners to Spotify—but not necessarily for celebration. Read on for insights into our playlist streaming data, and top tips on how advertisers can own the romance (or anti-romance) moment on the platform.

People have different ways of expressing themselves on Valentine's Day, and music often plays a central role in the affair. You've got the traditionalists, murmuring sweet nothings while smooth jazz plays in the background. There's the "scream-singing emo love ballads at the top of their lungs" crew. And of course, let's not forget about Galentine's Day and its potential for playlists packed with empowering anthems.

Somewhere on that spectrum, there's a listener just waiting to fall in love with your brand, product, or service.

Last year's Spotify data shows that listeners actively engage in Valentine's Day by immersing themselves in relevant music across genres like pop, indie, and hip-hop. In the first three weeks of February 2022, we saw an average of 2.5 million daily streams of Valentine's Day-related playlists. Searches for the word "love" on Spotify also increased by almost 30% when compared to average daily searches from just the week prior.1

Considering that spending on Valentine's-related goods is expected to reach almost $26 billion this year,2 businesses in industries hoping to align with the event have an opportunity to own the romance moment by reaching audiences when love is in the air—and on listeners' minds.


How Valentine's Day unfolds on Spotify

There's little doubt that Valentine's Day is a hit among Spotify listeners—though they might be tuning in for totally different reasons.

On one hand, you've got the lovers of the occasion: U.S. playlist data shows a massive uptick in romantic playlists on Valentine's Day. On February 14 last year, searches for the word "Valentine" led to a 392% increase in clicks on the playlist "Valentine's Day Love", compared to February 13, while clicks on the "Valentine's Day" and "Valentine's Vibes" playlists went up by 372% and 352% respectively. Young listeners were the most likely to set the mood by choosing a love-themed playlist, with 71% of clicks coming from Spotify users between the ages of 18 and 34.3

Specifically, listeners tuned into playlist genres like pop, contemporary country, and bedroom pop. Listeners found playlists by searching not only for the obvious ("love"), but also for holiday-themed keywords ranging from "valentine's" and "v-day" to "date night," "romantic," and "crush."

But the usual Valentine's Day vibes aren't the only reason listeners turn to Spotify. On the other side of the spectrum, you've got a more ambivalent crowd: People who prefer playlists like "Independent Ladies," "Great Female Voices," and real-talk podcasts like Spotify Original & Exclusive Call Her Daddy by Alex Cooper.

Another opportunity exists for brands looking to promote self-care. Our research shows that on Valentine's Day in 2022, "self-love" searches rose 85% compared to average daily searches from the week prior. Forty-four percent of those searches were by 18 to 24-year-olds, and 83% came from women. "Galentine" searches boomed too, increasing by 376% on February 12, and peaking at 406% the day before Valentine's Day. Of these searches, 84% came from 18 to 34-year-olds.


Valentine's Day marketing ideas

Just like the many fish in the sea for prospective partners, there are many different Valentine's Day ad formats for brands seeking a perfect pairing. A few options include audio, video, and podcast ads that are designed to enhance—not interrupt—listeners' celebrations. Whether they're being wined and dined or throwing a lively, gals-only get-together, there's an opportunity for your seasonal marketing campaign to match the moment.

Sponsored Playlists, for example, allow you to align your brand with popular playlists fit for the occasion. On Valentine's Day in 2022, clicks on the "Timeless Love Songs" playlist after listeners searched the term "love" went up 248%, while "Romantic Songs Love Songs" saw an increase of 180%. And let's not forget about "Love Songs to Scream in the Car," which also got more love around Valentine's Day with clicks up 177% compared to the day prior.

Audio Everywhere and Display Everywhere, which place your ads between songs no matter the device in use, are also great options for brands looking for a little boost during February's mid-month celebration. Both formats allow you to target millions of listeners with your message.

If you're looking to promote a product, potential gift, date-night idea, or vacation destination, you can also position your brand on Spotify's homepage with a Homepage Takeover. This clickable, interactive, and high-impact experience enables brands to take center stage with memorable messaging.

And of course, we've got to show a little love to our podcasts. Brands can take advantage of a wide range of podcasts on Spotify with tailored ad messages, choosing from our vast library of Spotify Original & Exclusives to find "the one." Tap into the Spotify Audience Network to buy ads at scale, and create podcast ads with the potential to convert.

Ready to reach listeners with a Valentine's Day ad campaign? Get started with Spotify Ad Studio.


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