The Spotify Audience Network

Use our audio-first advertising marketplace to reach your target audience at scale.

With the Spotify Audience Network, you can buy podcast ads based on your target audience and reach people wherever they listen to their favorite shows.

Get meaningful reach and scale

Our genre-diverse network of podcasts includes some of the world’s largest shows and most influential hosts, as well as emerging creators from Spotify for Podcasters. You can reach your audience wherever they choose to listen to their favorite shows, both on and off Spotify.

Be heard by the right listeners

Reach your desired audience in the right moments with audience targeting (demographic, geographic and behavioral) and contextual targeting (show categories and episode topics).

Balance reach with brand suitability

Spotify uses a combination of people, policies and technology to support building a safe space for advertisers. Learn more about our brand safety measures.

Drive and measure performance

Use full-funnel measurement solutions, including Spotify Ad Analytics, to get real-time reporting and insights on what’s working, and what's not.

Ready to reach more people with podcast ads?

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Furniture retailer Ashley assembles a podcast ad strategy for peak brand visibility

Home furniture brand Ashley leveraged the Spotify Audience Network to craft a polished podcast advertising campaign that led to impressive results.

Resources and tools for advertisers of all sizes

Are you a podcast creator or publisher?

Learn more about podcast monetization on the Spotify Audience Network with Megaphone.
*Note: Targeting capabilities vary by advertising channel. Custom targeting is not available in Ad Studio. Learn more about the targeting options for Ad Studio advertisers in our help center.

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