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Tell your story with Podcast Ads

From fans and creators to businesses of all sizes, we’re all experiencing the power of podcasts. Welcome to a storytelling medium that engages and inspires in the moment. And with Spotify’s podcast advertising solutions, your message can be a part of this movement—heard by millions of listeners, across our suite of best-in-class content.

Reach listeners when they’re really tuned in

People form a strong connection with their favorite podcasts and hosts. For brands, that connection creates a unique opportunity to connect with people in a trusted, direct, and engaging media environment. In fact, 41% of podcast listeners trust ads more if they hear them during a podcast.1 Plus, our podcast listeners are a really valuable audience—young, influential cord-cutters who know what's next.

We’re taking podcast advertising to the next level

Have you heard: The podcast revolution is here. And we just announced some exciting news to help advertisers be a part of it. Read our latest announcement to learn more and get started with this exciting and popular medium.

Deliver your message alongside the world’s best content

The world’s most influential and important voices are on Spotify. Over the past few years we’ve brought the best podcast creators, studios, and hosts to our platform, creating a content library of over 2.2M podcast titles including 400+ Original and Exclusives—the world’s biggest. When you advertise on podcasts, you place your message alongside these voices—reaching your audience as they tune in to the shows they love.

Drive results with industry-leading ad technology

There’s no question—podcast advertising drives results: 81% of listeners take action as a result of listening to a podcast ad.1 But for years advertisers could not fully see the result of their investment due to lagging ad tech. That all changed when we launched Streaming Ad Insertion—an industry-changing podcast ad technology that unlocks data-driven planning, reporting, and measurement tools for advertisers. With SAI, advertisers get the intimacy and quality of traditional podcast ads with the precision and transparency of modern-day digital marketing.

1 Crowd DNA & Spotify, “We’re All Ears,” US, 2018

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Podcast ad specs & requirements

To ensure a good experience for our listeners, there are minimum requirements that must be met for all Spotify podcast ad campaigns.

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