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Whether you’re a long-time podcast advertiser or just starting to build your first campaign, you’ll find the tools and solutions you’re looking for on Spotify. Learn where your ads can run and explore our premium content, creative services, and resources for getting started.

Why invest in podcast advertising?

People form a strong connection with their favorite podcasts and hosts. For brands, that connection creates a unique opportunity to connect with people in a trusted, direct, and engaging media environment. In fact, 41% of podcast listeners trust ads more if they hear them during a podcast.1

If you want to build brand awareness, improve your marketing returns, get actionable data, and be a creative leader in your industry, then podcasting advertising is for you.

Podcast listeners are consuming more content than ever before, with 28% (80 million) of Americans tuning into at least one podcast every week.2 Advertising on podcasts is your chance to pop up during these moments when listeners are highly immersed, without visual distractions.

The podcast industry is growing rapidly, with content creation and listenership growing year-over-year. Now is your chance to be a part of it.

Podcast advertising rates are competitive but make for a worthy investment. This is largely down to the established trust between host and listener, which—as Spotify and Neuro-Insight’s collaborative study, Sonic Science, revealed—is passed on to brands endorsed by the host. The study also found that podcasts provide +16% higher ad engagement compared to all other media.3

In November 2021, Edison Research revealed 65% of 'super listeners' (a survey of 1,000 people who listen to podcasts for more than five hours per week) typically purchased products after hearing an advertisement on a podcast.4

The Spotify Audience Network is designed to help your podcast ads reach the right listeners. Benefit from accurate insights into your audience’s listening habits and interests to ensure your podcast advertising efforts go the extra mile.

Learn more about audience-based podcast buying at scale with the Spotify Audience Network.

Build and run campaigns yourself in Spotify Ad Studio with automatic placement.

The easiest way to start running podcast ads is with our self-serve advertising channel, Ad Studio. Select automatic placement to run ads across both music and podcasts. Create and manage audio campaigns that engage listeners and help grow your business. Get started for as little as $250 per campaign.

Producing podcast ads on Ad Studio is easy. And free.

All you need is an idea and a vision. We’ll do the rest—from drafting the script for your approval to recording the voiceover and producing the ad for you.

Get actionable insights with Streaming Ad Insertion.

Exclusive to Spotify Advertising, Streaming Ad Insertion (SAI) is a type of technology that provides campaign metrics and audience insights based on real-time ad impressions. That means you don’t need to use podcast downloads as a proxy to measure audience reach and impact—instead you get much more accurate data as listeners stream their favorite podcasts on Spotify.

Our cutting-edge technology ensures you receive accurate insights as quickly as possible. Based on these insights, fine-tune your marketing campaigns to make each one even more powerful than the one before it.

Gain reliable insights from your ads with every exposure. Each time your ad plays, you gain vital campaign metrics, including:

  • Impressions: Total number of ads served
  • Reach: Number of people who heard your ads
  • Frequency: How many times the same listener listened to your ad
  • Audio Completion Rate: Percentage of listeners who heard your ad through to the end

Successful podcast advertisers know the value of reaching exactly the right audience. Follow in their footsteps, and discover new audiences you may have never thought about tapping into by entering into the world of podcast advertising.

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1 eMarketer, August 2021 2 "The Infinite Dial", Edison Research, March 2021 3 Sonic Science Volume 1, Spotify x Neuro-Insights, June 2021 4 Edison Research, November 2021

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