Seasonal marketing: capture the moment

As the seasons change so do the needs of marketing teams. Seasonal marketing means staying ahead of the curve when it comes to promoting your brand, so capture the moment by tapping into Spotify’s digital advertising capabilities.

The summer moment

Summertime means consumers turn off their tv and head to the beach and step away from their social feeds to gain some fresh air. Discover how to connect with your target audience in their screenless moments with Spotify.

5 tips for creating your seasonal marketing strategies

The marketing strategy for any seasonal moment should involve starting planning months before the actual day arrives. Giving your team ample time to confirm budgets, channels, and creative is the best way to guarantee success.

Studying your company’s own data from seasons past, as well as available industry data, to plan your marketing efforts can create efficiencies across channels - basically ensuring that your brand doesn’t repeat past mistakes.

What are your target audience’s purchasing habits over the course of their year? Do different demographic groups have different patterns that you can strategize for? Researching your audience will help you leverage the optimal marketing tactics to reach them during your seasonal campaigns.

Using incentives, such as discounts or loyalty programs, to drive purchase intent during seasonal campaigns is a great way to ensure that all eyes are on your brand when it matters most.

It may seem straightforward, but it’s worth pointing out that creative assets and copy for seasonal marketing efforts should be designed to speak to the season or holiday that your campaign is focusing on. Not all creative is created equal!

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