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The power of reaching your audience in the right context

Breaking down the impact of contextual messaging on Spotify, and why it gives your business an advantage.

Think about all of the screens, apps, platforms, and devices we experience every day. With the media landscape more cluttered than ever, today’s advertisers need to find new ways to break through and get their message heard. Plus, as new privacy changes roll out in various markets across the industry, it's crucial for businesses to tap into platforms with a robust audience understanding.

That's where contextual messaging on Spotify could help. By understanding the different moments when your audience is hearing or seeing your message, your business can deliver the right message at the right time. Even better, understanding your audience’s context ensures that your ad delivers a message hyper-relevant to the moment, and fits into your audience’s listening experience.

At Spotify, we’re uniquely positioned to understand the context of our listeners thanks to our logged-in, deeply engaged audience. (Multi-device users stream Spotify for 2.5 hours per day.) Since listeners use Spotify to stream the music and podcasts they love, we’re a constant companion throughout their day — from wake up to bedtime, from the workday to workout sessions, from cooking and cleaning to studying and relaxing. And because Spotify is available across multiple devices (not just mobile and desktop, but smart speakers, gaming consoles, in-car audio, and more), people can listen whether they’re at home, in the car, or on the move. Take a listen to hear what we mean...

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Put on headphones for the full effect.

Plus, just because we’re an audio-first platform doesn’t mean our ad offering is limited to audio. In fact, we’ve found that multiformat campaigns on Spotify result in a 90% increase in ad recall and 2.2x in brand awareness.2 Read on to learn how you can tap into Spotify’s contextual understanding for your business’ next multiformat campaign across audio, video, and display.

How Spotify empowers brands with context.
Thanks to our logged-in audience, we can better understand how the same person streams across devices throughout their day. Through music genres, podcast categories, and more, we’re able to understand the moments of our customers based on their listening behavior — and deliver the most relevant message in the right moment.

Plus, the Spotify app is continuously receiving signals of engagement that help us understand the context of our users. We use those signals to know how we deliver a brand’s message in the right context with the right ad format. For instance, if someone is actively scrolling, we can tell that they’re engaged and serve up a video ad. If we can tell they’ve been listening in the background, we’ll know that an audio ad is right for the moment.

How brands can take advantage.
Today’s marketers and advertisers are increasingly focused on audience-first strategies. Context can supercharge those strategies by informing your ad creative — so you can create more tailored messages that are relevant to the individual and the moment they're in. This will not only ensure that you can better reach your target audience, but also that you make the most of the valuable connection and the moments when you have your audience’s attention.

  • Connect the gaps in the customer journey. Spotify’s technology allows you to incorporate contextual understanding into your strategy, so your business can connect with audiences throughout the day. By incorporating screenless moments into the media mix, brands can engage with users in moments where others can’t, like when they're working out, cooking, or their daily commute.
  • Maximize your brand presence with effective multiformat strategies. Brands can take a holistic approach and deliver their message with multiformat strategies featuring controlled targeting and frequency delivery. Brands can effectively combine the creative opportunities and strengths of each of our ad experiences.
    • Audio delivered in unique screenless contexts that could create personal 1-to-1 connections
    • Video and display delivered when the user is actively looking at the screen help showcase your product and create engagement.
  • Benefit from a great ad experience. At Spotify, the listener’s experience comes first. Far from bombarding our listeners, we deliver ads with 100% share-of-voice in the moment where they’re most receptive in a no-swipe, no-scroll environment. Context fuels great ad experiences for our users, and for brands: 75% of Spotify listeners say they remember ads more when the ads recognize their moment or setting.3

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1 Spotify First Party Data, global, based on daily content hours / daily active users, free users multiplatform, May 2019 2 Nielsen Brand Effect on Spotify, March 2020 3 Key Moments Survey, Spotify Users A15-40, US, UK, DE, IT, SP, MX, BR, AU, October 2019 *answered top two boxes on a scale from Strongly Disagree to Strongly Agree

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