Stream of context: Understand the cooking moment

It’s no secret that good meals pair well with good tunes. But for brands to understand the Cooking moment, it’s crucial to understand why people turn to audio as they prep soups and souffles.

Why people listen: Audio as sous chef

Whether you’re a seasoned chef or more of a cereal-for-dinner type, everyone’s gotta eat. But preparing a meal for yourself, your family, or friends is more than just a practical ritual. For many people, cooking is a way to wind down at the end of a long week — in fact, listening while prepping food actually peaks on Fridays.1 Our research also shows that 63% of U.S. listeners stream solo while they cook.2 For these folks, audio isn’t just background noise — it’s a genuine culinary companion, there to enhance the moment.

Cooking is also an opportunity to learn and try new things, and this tendency extends to streaming behavior too. Whether it’s a new album, artist, or podcast, listeners are open to hearing new content while they slice and dice: 57% say their number one motivation for streaming a specific piece of content during the cooking moment is having received a recommendation.3

Listener spotlight: Saif, 24, London, UK. Saif doesn’t think he’s a great cook — so he puts on music to make the task more enjoyable.

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Hear how Saif soundtracks the Cooking moment.

Where brands fit in: Be a helpful companion

Because streamers are so open to discovery in these moments, it’s a welcome opportunity for brands to connect.

Remember, audio is a companion in this moment. Position your brand well by making your content helpful and relevant. We heard from listeners that they find it particularly valuable when they receive information they can put into practice immediately — like a suggestion on how to make your meal more instagrammable.

And don’t fall prey to outdated stereotypes: turns out U.S. men are slightly more likely to stream audio while cooking than women.4

How brands can connect: Serve up interesting content

When you’re thinking about where to reach your audience while cooking, remember these moments are often hands-free. It may come as no surprise that U.S. streamers are significantly more open to audio ads than video in this moment — they’re busy preparing a meal after all.5 Similarly, it makes sense that they’d be more likely to use connected devices like smart speakers and TVs, so consider including those in your outreach.6

Brands should also consider appealing to the heightened sense of curiosity streamers experience while working in the kitchen. Podcasts are a natural companion in that space, and offer a great opportunity for brands to connect through content that listeners seek out based on their interests.

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