Stream of context: Understand the chill moment

It probably comes as no surprise that people turn to tunes to chill out. We dug deeper to learn why people crave audio in this moment — and how brands can be part of it. 

Why people listen: For a moment of pause

Over a third of all respondents to our recent survey say the primary reason they listen to music is to relax or de-stress.1 Here at Spotify, we see that behavior reflected in the popularity of not only meditation playlists but music meant to help us rest. Believe it or not, “sleep” is one of the five most searched-for categories of music on Spotify.2

But what’s even more interesting is that in moments where people are seeking chill, they don’t just experience audio in isolation. Instead, they listen to enhance their experience of other highly personal activities consistent with looking to disconnect, like taking a walk outside or sharing a meal with their partner after a day at work — 40% of our listeners say the top reason they tune into music in the chill moment is to set a certain mood or atmosphere.3

Jorge, 36, Mexico City, MX. While Jorge is relaxing, he listens to music to set the atmosphere and the mood.

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Hear how Jorge soundtracks the Chill moment.

Where brands fit in: Respect the chill

Audio offers a unique chance to stay engaged with an audience in moments when other media is being tuned out. As wireless headphones, smart speakers, wearable tech, and connected cars become more and more ubiquitous, brands have a rare opportunity to show up in these quieter moments without disrupting the experience.

But that also means your creative has to match the tone of the moment — ads with loud effects and energetic beats can really kill the mood. Instead, take inspiration from the audio these listeners already love. For example, soothing nature sounds and ambient tracks can help you create an ad that also gives your audience some in-ear peace.

Wellness brands have an obvious place in this content genre, but anyone using these tips — with the right tone and creative — can support, and even create, a moment of chill.

How brands can connect: Focus on speakers

Connected speakers are the perfect channel to reach your audience in this moment — Spotify listeners are 79% more likely to use them while relaxing, compared to other moments.4

But you don’t have to completely ditch the display when trying to reach people who are taking it easy. There’s also room for serving up video ads, like a Sponsored Session, or a Video Takeover: 47% of U.S. listeners say they are open to this format while relaxing.5

Creating a branded podcast or sponsoring a podcast host read are also both great ways to connect with your audience while they de-stress through audio.

Scroll down to learn how one brand got creative with their ad within the right relaxing context.

1, 3 Crowd DNA & Spotify, Seize The Moments survey among 4,800 Spotify users 18-44 in AU, BR, DE, MX, UK, US, April 2019 2, 4 Spotify First Party Data, global, 2019 5 Crowd DNA & Spotify, Seize The Moments survey among 800 US Spotify users 18-44, April 2019


To drive awareness among a broader audience, RXBAR partnered with rapper Ice-T and Spotify to create a series of self-aware ads. The brand then used Spotify’s full suite of ad experiences to reach people in key moments throughout their day.

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