Stream of context: Understand the party moment

You can’t have a good party without good music. For brands to reach their audience in the Party moment, it’s valuable to know what motivates people to play DJ.

Why people listen: To inspire connections

Whether it’s a house party, BBQ, or Girls’ Night pre-game, music helps people set the mood for themselves, and for the folks they’re entertaining. In fact, 43% say that their primary motivation for listening in these moments is to entertain themselves or others.1

We know people turn to Spotify for personalized discovery, to find new music and audio content they love. But this moment goes beyond personalized discovery — it’s more about connecting with others through music. Listeners told us that when they host parties, music often sparks conversation or shared memories around a favorite song or artist.

Listener spotlight: Ireti, 28, Berlin, DE. Ireti often has friends over and when she does, music fuels their connection.

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Hear how Ireti soundtracks the Party moment.

Where brands fit in: Be a good guest

Party hosts invite audio in as a way to lift and enhance the mood. So brands, take note. Keep your message lively and upbeat to ensure you’re being a good party guest.

Remember: these moments are about connection, too. In contrast to often solo moments like chill or cooking, people usually experience the party moment with others — 69% say they are listening with family, and 47% with friends, when partying.2 Consider messaging that inspires discussion or nostalgia. In fact, 60% of listeners are more likely to engage with an ad when it reminds them of the past.3 A funny or quirky tone is a great fit in this context.

How brands can connect: Keep people entertained

There are many ways to connect with an audience while they’re partying, as long as you keep the mood upbeat and the crowd entertained. People stream music on multiple devices, but connected TVs are particularly popular — they over-index in this moment by 50%.4 In other words, it’s a good time for video ads: 48% of party-streamers (get it?) say they prefer this format.5

One more tip: You know how people get annoyed when the DJ accidentally plays the same song twice? They feel the same way when ads repeat. Our respondents told us this was a major party foul. Instead use sequential messaging to tell an engaging and entertaining brand story that unfolds as the night progresses. This way your advertising adds to the scene. Scroll down to see how Malibu got contextual in the party moment for Halloween.

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Malibu teamed up with Spotify to build an interactive microsite for Halloween, letting listeners select a virtual costume, get personalized playlists and themed cocktail recommendations, and experience a 3D audio campaign featuring the spookiest of sounds.

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