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Pride Month advertising: Free to be

It’s time to celebrate Pride with Spotify. Set your brand up for success with a creative advertising campaign that spreads joy and support for the year's most colorful event.

What does Pride Month at Spotify look like?

Pride Month on Spotify means something different for everyone. 63% of LGBTQIA+ Spotify listeners use digital audio to express their individuality¹ —from carefully crafting playlists to tailoring their podcast feeds to perfectly suit their interests.

They also use Spotify as a vehicle for celebration and support, alongside allies of the community.


  • 2.9M

    2.9M Pride-related playlists streamed in the U.S. in June 2022²

  • +58%

    +58% of young adults over-indexed on Pride-related streams (+20% for 18-24)²

The do’s and don’ts of Pride Month marketing

Pride Inline Image Every brand's approach to marketing during Pride Month requires careful planning. We've put together a list of do's and don'ts for developing your pride month ad campaigns to help hone in on a plan that works for you.

Do: Be authentic

Pride is a time to celebrate your true colors—and brands who try to be something they’re not will get caught out easily. ‘Rainbow washing’ is an association you’ll want to avoid, so it’s important to demonstrate not only an understanding of the moment, but also how you’re doing your bit to embrace it. That way, your audience is far more likely to associate your brand with trust and authenticity.

Don't: Limit brand allyship to one month

Performative allyship for brands—the idea of using ‘openness’ towards LGBTQIA+ communities to gain a business advantage—is a fairly transparent tactic in modern media. It’s not uncommon for companies to go 11 months of the year without mentioning a cause before co-opting the movement for one month as a way to conveniently position their brand’s image.

Companies who are genuinely interested in progress for LGBTQIA+ communities demonstrate their commitment to the cause all year round through inclusive employee policies and charitable support of relevant organizations.

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Do: Understand your audience

Knowing how your audience listens on Spotify during Pride is crucial in order to understand their listening habits—and therefore how you can reach them effectively.

Since December 2022, we’ve seen a 15% increase in the number of listeners streaming content on Spotify’s GLOW Hub (formerly the Amplify Pride hub)—a digital audio space that amplifies LGBTQIA+ artists and creators, as well as other historically marginalized voices, through curated playlists that celebrate their work and their community.

It’s not just about understanding what makes your audience tick, however. It’s just as much about meeting them on the topics that matter.

Don’t: Overcook it

Showing up for Pride in a meaningful way is priority number one, but it’s important not to go overboard with your messaging to the point that it feels disingenuous. Avoid stereotypes that paint a shallow picture, and tentative product associations that don’t truly support what you’re saying.

Instead, focus on positive reinforcement: How is your brand or product actively supporting Pride? How do your values align with the moment—not just now, but consistently throughout the year? Why is Pride important to you, as a brand? The more value-focused your messaging is, the more your target audience will get on board with your campaign.

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