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Summer road trip with Spotify: Marketing ideas for your brand

Come with us on a road trip to build an impactful digital audio campaign that can resonate with your audience this summer. Spotify lets you connect with your audience in their screenless moments. People spend more time outside and traveling during the summer— so your ads need to step outside too.

Road Trip Stops

Stop #1 Stock-up: free audio creation

Hang on a sec. Let’s stock up on supplies first—but leave your wallet in the car. Spotify’s range of self-serve tools come for free: you can pick out a voice actor from our extensive range, upload your script, and select your preferred background music to give us everything we need to get your professionally recorded ad up and running. It’s as simple as that.

Stop #2 Fuel Up: boost brand awareness

Let’s fill it up! Grab a pump and squeeze those ad dollars into your branding campaigns on Spotify Ad Studio this summer.

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Stop #3 Find the beats: contextual targeting

Want to find the right playlist for your drive? We’ve got you covered. On Spotify, the summer is for connecting with your audience in the moment. Whether they’re driving to the beach or cooking dinner, maximize our contextual targeting feature and increase engagement and recall with your ad.

Stop #4 Set the pace: daily budgets

Not sure which way to go? No worries. On Spotify, the summer is for testing out new methods and channels to reach your audience in different environments with an aim to increase your brand’s recall to stay top of mind. With our new Daily Budgets feature, you can easily test out different audiences or creatives—with flexibility and caps on your budget.

Let’s hit the road!

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