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Spring break and summer vacays: How brands can reach U.S. travelers via digital audio ads

Reach and engage with playlist and podcast listeners when they're on the road, in the air, or planning their next bucket-list trip.

Frequent travelers know all about the power of an on-point playlist. A road trip is the ideal backdrop for '80s classics; an action-packed adventure needs pump-it-up jams; and no retreat is complete without a soothing self-love podcast.

The truth is that travelers love digital audio—and Spotify listeners love to travel. Our research shows that 48% of Spotify Free listeners are Travel Enthusiasts, 58% are more likely than the average U.S. adult to be planning a holiday abroad, and 71% are "very likely" to travel in the next three months.1

For brands, these stats indicate a big opportunity to get a travel-focused product or service in the ears of engaged listeners. Looking to create some travel ads for playlists or podcasts to complement your larger marketing strategy? Read on.

Digital audio travel trends

When planning the ultimate getaway, timing is key. For travel agency advertisements and other travel-focused digital audio ads, the same adage holds true. In the U.S., travel-related streams steadily increase for the first half of the year, peaking at 33% in the month of July when summer vacations are in full swing.2

Knowing what kind of music travelers prefer is another helpful data point for brands looking to create dynamic and memorable campaigns. Spotify listeners have a wide range of tastes—meaning that whatever travel experience your brand focuses on, there's likely an eager audience waiting to discover it.

Maybe your travel agency focuses on adventurous trips abroad. Good news: Among Travel Enthusiasts on Spotify, genres like India have a listen rate that's 140% above the average for U.S. adults. Perhaps your brand wants to attract travelers to the Southwest U.S.—you can take advantage of Travel Enthusiasts' love of Country, which tracks at 120% above average. If you're hoping to nudge travelers to book an urban adventure to New York or Seattle, consider placing ads alongside Punk (+90%) or Rock (+90%) playlists.3

And while it's easy to picture listeners in a car with the windows down, streaming a high-energy playlist while cruising the open road, today's travelers aren't limiting their entertainment to music. Podcasts are highly popular too, from mystery-centric podcasts like UK Unknown to Mythology Sagas.


Driving engagement with digital audio travel ads

So who, exactly, are Travel Enthusiasts? On Spotify, they're 52% more likely than the average U.S. adult to be art and culture enthusiasts; 41% more likely to be into health, fitness, and beauty; and 74% more likely to be career-focused. In general, they're 45% more likely "to be the first to try new things."4 Many of them are also parents—moms are 28% more likely than average U.S. adult listeners to stream Travel playlists.5

In terms of reaching this audience, one tactic may be to optimize your ads by device type, since cars are 70% more likely to be used for Travel-related listening, followed by tablets at +19% and mobile devices at +16%.6 Time of day is also a consideration: Travel streams tend to peak during afternoons. Brands can use this knowledge to create timely and relevant ads—with messaging like, "Long day at work? Drift off to a beach under the Caribbean sun..."

Using Spotify Ad Studio, our self-serve advertising platform, there are many different ways to align your ads with the Travel moment—from creating custom podcast ads to crafting audio advertising campaigns that forge personal connections with listeners. Whether you're developing a marketing strategy for a travel agency or creating travel ads for your own business, you can own the Travel moment with:

Seventy-three percent of participants of our recently published Sonic Science Vol.2 report say they're open to listening to ads on audio streaming services, so long as the tone fits.7 So whether it's a Route 66 road trip or a flight to Rome, well-targeted travel-themed ads can really help your campaign get noticed.

Interested in creating a travel brand or agency advertisement of your own? Get in touch with your local Spotify Advertising team via the form below—or get started on Spotify Ad Studio, our self-serve ad platform.


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