Audio Ads

Reach your audience when they’re listening

Audio advertising allows businesses to create a personal connection with customers in moments when other digital media can’t. Plus, with Spotify you can guarantee your message will be heard: we deliver your ads in the moment listeners are most receptive in a no swipe, no scroll environment.

Ads that match the moment make an impact.

With digital audio, reaching people with personalized messaging doesn’t have to be such a challenge. That’s because our deep understanding of our listeners and connection with them throughout their day means we can help advertisers craft and deliver messages that enhance rather than interrupt the moment. And our research shows ads that match the moment make a bigger impact: 75% of Spotify listeners say they remember ads more when the ads recognize their moment or setting.

Audio Ads

Reach active listeners on any device, in any environment, during all moments of the day. Audio ads are served between songs while there are no distractions, and the listener is focused on what you have to say. Complement your audio ad with a clickable link so listeners can tap to visit your website, app, or online destination.

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