Pizza Hut serves up game-day hype with immersive audio

Pizza Hut ran an audio-first campaign to keep delivery services top of mind for pizza lovers listening on Spotify. The QSR brand targeted their core audience segments, including Gen Zs, families, and people interested in gaming, TV shows, or sports.

The media mix:

Brand vertical: Quick-service restaurant (QSR)
Objective: Brand awareness
Target audience: A18-34, Families
Targeting used: Interests “Gaming,” “TV shows,” “Sports”
Market: UK
Flight dates: May 6, 2021 - Jun 12, 2021
Format: Audio

The Brief:

Pizza Hut wanted to attract new customers and engage its existing audience of soccer fans, parents, and gaming enthusiasts. It’s always a good time for pizza, but the brand wanted to stay top-of-mind for specific pizza moments: on game day, when the kids are hungry, or when a gamer has a growling stomach but doesn't want to interrupt their flow.

The Solution:

Pizza Hut knows that its target audience tends to be 18- to 34-year-old young families and lovers of soccer and other sports—in other words, game day is pizza delivery day. The brand keeps up an authentic dialogue with this audience by showing up during big sporting events. And, as a result, it usually sees a spike in business during these events.

Knowing that Spotify is where these key audiences spend a lot of their time, Pizza Hut was eager to try advertising on the platform. The brand created attention-grabbing audio ads that replicated the roar of a game-day football crowd and delivered the messaging—focused on value deals and delivery options—via voiceover in the style of a pro sportscaster.

  • 80%

    Listen on Spotify

    Spotify reaches more Gen Zs than other platforms. 4 in 5 (80%) of Z internet users are on Spotify.1
  • 2.5

    Hours a day

    Multi-device users spent up to 2.5hours a day listening on Spotify.2
Using Spotify Ad Studio’s precise demographic and interest targeting, Pizza Hut placed ads alongside content that attracts parents, gamers, and those hordes of hungry sports fans. Their immersive audio ads caught the attention of their fans and cut through the clutter of other social and display ads. The campaign delivered, even beyond The Hut’s expectations.

🎧 Grab headphones for the full effect.

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The Impact:

Spotify benchmarks click-through rate (CTR) for audio ads is 0.06%. But this campaign gave Pizza Hut a CTR of 0.23% from sports fans and a massive 0.57% CTR from parents and gamers. It was an unquestionable win.

  • .23%

    CTR from sports fans

  • .57%

    CTR from parents and gamers

1 Comscore Media Metrix, Desktop 2+ and Total Mobile 13+, Market=US, Age=13-24, February 2021 2 Spotify First-Party Data, global, based on daily content hours / daily active users, free users multiplatform, May 2019

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