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Turn podcast listeners into customers with CTA cards

A new way for advertisers to engage with podcast listeners through interactive podcast ads on Spotify.

Podcasts immerse listeners in conversations and stories they deeply care about. As a result, podcast advertising is a powerful way to reach people who are highly attentive and primed for upper-funnel campaign results like awareness and recall. However, much of podcast listening happens while people are multitasking (like walking the dog or driving to the store), so it’s challenging for even the most leaned-in listener to engage with a compelling ad in the moment.

So today, we’re excited to announce a new podcast ads feature designed to turn awareness into action: call-to-action cards.

Call-to-action cards (CTA cards) are clickable, interactive companion display units for digital audio ads. They combine visuals and customizable text to deliver a clear, simple message, along with a first for podcast ads: a clickable call-to-action.

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CTA cards are powered by our Streaming Ad Insertion (SAI) ad technology, and are designed to be seen while your ad is playing and after your ad has been heard. They give advertisers even more visual real estate across the Spotify app, and only appear for listeners who already heard your podcast ad. Along with a display image to show off your product, service, or brand, CTA cards allow users to tap a link and visit your brand’s site, check out your app, and more. And with CTA cards and SAI, advertisers can see impression-level campaign performance and insights, and tap into Spotify's suite of measurement solutions to understand the impact on brand awareness and online conversions.

Making it easier to remember and take action

Because podcast listening is often a screenless experience, we designed CTA cards to help listeners reconnect with the ads they’ve previously heard. CTA cards appear as soon as your ad begins playing, and they reappear later on, while the listener is exploring the Spotify app. Once a listener hears your podcast ad, corresponding CTA cards will appear in relevant places to where the ad was originally heard – like the podcast episode page or show page. This means your message can be delivered with increased frequency up to seven days after hearing the initial podcast ad (unless your campaign ends earlier).

Maximizing the power of audio

Audio provides an effective way to tell your company’s story and drives listeners toward the path to conversion, with CTA cards accompanying listeners on that path. Don’t get us wrong: promo codes and vanity URLs paved the way for podcast advertising success. But with CTA cards, advertisers now have an even more direct way to attribute campaign success. Listeners may see CTA cards multiple times after hearing the associated podcast ad, making it easier to take an action that drives results for your business. We’ve partnered with dozens of businesses like Squarespace, McDonald’s, Athletic Greens, and Ulta Beauty to test this new feature.

“We know that consumers are largely multitasking at all times. We all are," Christine White, Head of Content, Social & Media at Ulta Beauty said. "As we think about advertising experiences, we have to look for ways to engage consumers in the moment. CTA cards enable the consumer to select the moment they want to be discovering and shopping on their own terms, which enhances their experience.”

CTA cards are now available to US advertisers on Spotify Original & Exclusive podcasts. Reach out to your Spotify sales rep to learn more about how your business or brand can be part of the future of digital audio advertising.

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