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Planning ahead for the holiday season

While everyone debates the song of the summer, brands in planning mode have their eyes (and ears) on the most wonderful time of year: the holidays. And to make sure you get your holiday message heard, it’s crucial to understand what the season sounds like. Here are a few insights we’ve uncovered with the help of our streaming intelligence.

Spotify listeners get a jump start on holiday tunes.
Sleigh bells may not ring until late December, but Spotify listeners in the U.S. start streaming seasonal classics in early November. By the end of the month, holiday streaming goes completely global. It’s key for marketers to ready their holiday message so it can play alongside relevant playlists in the lead-up to December.

Holiday streaming happens together, on connected devices.
Of course, the holidays are a time for togetherness — and on the Spotify platform, we see that taking shape in the form of listening through connected devices. Streams on smart speakers and TVs surge during the season, as families listen together to their favorite classics.

  • Smart speaker streams increased 76% globally last year from October to December.1
  • Similarly, TV streams surged 41% during the same timeframe.2

Listeners are also tuned in specifically while they cook and eat, as meals and traditions take place over the kitchen counter and dining room table. Streams tied to the Dinner and Cooking moments increased 24% during the Holiday season last year.3

Classic (and classical) sounds help soundtrack the season.
Through our streaming intelligence, we’re also able to see how listeners make the season bright.

  • Oldies all the way: The Oldies genre’s share of streams increased 30% from October to December last year, and on Christmas Day its share saw an 86% increase.4
  • Symphonic spirit: During the Holiday season, Classical music streams see a 16% increase.5

Music is an essential part of holiday celebrations. For brands looking to reach your audience in the holiday spirit, audio advertising is a great way to get your message heard in exactly the right context — in an environment your fans love and trust. Here are a few ideas to get started...

  1. Reach families as they listen together. Make audio ads to remind your audience that the Holidays are a time for connection, not distraction. Use device targeting to reach listeners as they stream on smart speakers and TVs, with a message tailored for their at-home context.
  2. Connect in Dinner and Cooking moments. Create 3D audio spots that give props to Holiday chefs, and provide tips to offer relief from the pressures of the kitchen. Amplify your message by sponsoring Spotify editorial playlists that lean into the cooking moment.
  3. Tie your message to nostalgia. The holidays are a time to reminisce and reconnect, as evidenced by the surge in Oldies streaming throughout the season. Consider reaching your audience with demographic and decade targeting in these wistful moments, with a nostalgic message that takes them down memory lane.

Get in touch to make sure your holiday message is part of your audience’s soundtrack as they start getting in the spirit later this year.

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