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Spotify Brand Lift: Amplify your brand equity with metrics that matter

Advertisers deserve to know the impact of their investment on Spotify. That’s why we’re bringing Spotify Brand Lift to the US. Our first-party measurement tool gives businesses of all sizes a better understanding of how Spotify listeners respond to audio, video and display ads in the ad-supported Spotify experience.

Audio is a powerful medium that can influence a listener’s mood, perception, and awareness—at least that's what the science suggests. But how do marketers quantify these seemingly abstract feelings and states of mind in order to optimize their Spotify campaigns and grow brand love?

Say hello to Spotify Brand Lift, our proprietary measurement tool that unlocks campaign insights about listeners’ attitudes and perceptions toward your brand. Bringing more clarity to key branding objectives like awareness, favorability, consideration, and purchase intent, our goal is to equip marketers with the insights they need to grow brand equity and drive better business outcomes.

Your brand lift solution built for the streaming generation

Answer questions like:
• Did my ad influence the way my audience feels about my brand?
• Did my core message resonate with my audience?
• Does my audience intend to make a purchase?

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What is brand lift?

While reach and engagement metrics are important, it’s often difficult—if not impossible—to rely on these alone to understand a campaign’s impact on a brand’s reputation or perception. Brand Lift fills that knowledge gap, helping advertisers accurately measure the effectiveness and brand impact of audio, display and video ads.

Leveraging a test-and-control methodology, Spotify Brand Lift works by prompting listeners—including those who are exposed to a Spotify campaign as well as those who aren’t—to answer a three-question, on-platform survey. The differences in how the exposed and control groups respond help advertisers understand the value of their Spotify ads, and how well they perform independently of other marketing efforts.

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How does Spotify measure brand lift?

First, advertisers and agencies work with their Spotify sales team to identify the brand’s objectives and target audience.

When your campaign launches, Spotify randomly assigns the target audience to either a test segment—that’s the group of listeners who will be exposed to your ads—or a control segment, the group of listeners who won’t. These different segments are then polled with your survey directly within the Spotify app, up to 48 hours after exposure (or non-exposure) to an ad. The difference in results can be attributed to hearing and seeing ads on Spotify, as all other factors are held constant.

At the end of a campaign, these differences will help us determine the influence the campaign had on key ad objectives, such as ad recall, awareness, and consideration.

Realizing the power of Spotify

Since last year’s initial launch of Spotify Brand Lift across 14 international markets, we’ve delivered brand impact surveys for over 1,500 Spotify campaigns that span audio, video, and display. And we’ve seen impressive results across various categories, with average lifts of +10 points for Ad Recall, +5 points for Brand Awareness, and +4 points for Message Association.

Early Spotify Brand Lift adopter Pampers discovered the compounding effect that audio and video can have on brand metrics like Ad Recall and Message Association. By successfully reaching young millennial parents with a multi-format campaign that utilized both audio and video, the popular diaper brand experienced a +23 point increase in Ad Recall and a +15 point increase in association of Pampers with their core diaper feature: the “revolutionary Stop & Protect pocket”.1

Ready to grow your brand with metrics that matter? Reach out to your Spotify Advertising team or connect with us below to learn more about how to elevate your marketing efforts with Spotify Brand Lift.


  1. Spotify Internal Data, Pampers 3D Audio Advertising Campaign May–June 2022

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