How to select effective advertising objectives

You have goals you hope to achieve for your brand. Spotify Ad Studio is designed to help you every step of the way. Use this guide to identify the right ad objective to help you drive real outcomes for your business.

Identify your Spotify advertising goals

In order to identify quantifiable advertising goals, it’s important to consider a few key questions before starting a campaign. It’s okay, go ahead and ask them out loud (we won’t think you’re weird).

  • Question 1: What outcomes do you hope to achieve through your ad campaign?
  • Question 2: Who is your audience?
  • Question 3: How will you measure success for your campaign?

Have your answers ready? Great! You’re one step closer to starting your campaign and reaching advertising nirvana.

Choose the right objective for your ads

With Spotify’s self-serve ad manager, Ad Studio, you can select the ad objectives from the options below to help you achieve your desired outcome.


Reach: Help more listeners discover your product or service. Select the Reach objective to get your message seen and heard by more listeners on Spotify.

Impressions: Give listeners opportunities to see and hear your ad more often. Select the Impression objective to serve more ad impressions in music and podcast streams.


Clicks: Prioritize listeners who are more likely to click on your ad to learn about your brand. The Click objective leverages machine learning to serve impressions to users who are more likely to engage with your ad, with CTA cards visually resurfacing your message throughout the user's Spotify experience.

Video views: Reach listeners who have chosen to watch and engage with your video ad. The Video views objective optimizes for listeners who are in-focus and have a higher likelihood of watching your video ad for at least three seconds.

Learn how to build campaigns for your objective

Ad Studio advertisers can now select the objective that best meets their advertising needs—and run one audio or video ad across both music and podcast inventory on Spotify.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Advertising objectives tell us which goals you want to achieve as a result of your ad campaign strategy. Before you select your objective in Ad Studio, we recommend thinking about what outcome you’re looking to achieve from your advertising campaigns. Goals should be specific and measurable in order to effectively create plans and projections for your campaigns.

Memorable audio ads on Spotify can build your brand and create a real connection with your audience. Use Ad Studio’s free creative tools to create audio ads that will feel like music to your listeners’ ears, or upload your own ad. Check out Spotify's quick-start guide to creating digital audio ads for recommendations and techniques for producing ads that convert.

Spotify Ad Studio lets you create audio and video ad campaigns that run across music and podcast streams in minutes. For more custom-built campaigns, work with our creative team to bring your campaign to life and get access to expanded targeting, reporting, and creative capabilities. Learn more about our formats here.

Ad Studio’s self-serve reporting tools enable you to track ad delivery metrics like number of ads served, reach, frequency, budget pacing, and completion rate. You can also monitor performance metrics like clicks, CTR, and quartile completion rates, as well as streams for music promotion campaigns. Get insights into who's listening with attributes like age, gender, genre, and streaming device. Learn more about reporting in Ad Studio here.

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