Holistic brand lift insights, tailored to your objective

What is Spotify Brand Lift?

Spotify Brand Lift is a measurement tool that helps advertisers understand how their Spotify campaigns—whether large or small—impact brand metrics such as awareness, favorability, consideration, purchase intent, and more.

Your brand lift solution built for the streaming generation

Answer questions like:
• Did my ad influence the way my audience feels about my brand?
• Did my core message resonate with my audience?
• Does my audience intend to make a purchase?

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Accessible measurement with actionable insights

With flexible minimum campaign requirements, our goal is to scale brand lift measurement to more advertisers in more markets around the globe.
Greater flexibility: Lower spend requirements enable measurement on more campaigns.
Strengthen Confidence: Know how your campaign impacted your audiences perceptions.
Holistic Insights: Measure across all devices – whenever and wherever your audience is streaming.
Faster Results: Streamlined survey setup and fast post-campaign reporting allow for better optimization.

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How does it work?

  1. Campaign objectives are identified, and a media plan is built with strategic formats and target audiences in mind to address that goal. Survey is built and programmed to measure the campaign.

  2. Spotify divides the campaign audience into test and control segments.

  3. 6-48 hours after exposure or hold-out qualification, users are invited to participate in the in-app survey.

  4. Impact is then calculated by comparing the responses of the test group vs the control group.

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