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How Streaming Provides Advantages and Instills Trust

There’s no question that today’s marketers are experiencing some serious trust issues. Amid fake news, data breaches and concerns about objectionable content, many brands lack confidence in their media partners. They are demanding transparency and credibility, and some marketers have even pulled ad dollars away from outlets that don’t deliver. At the same time, advertisers still prioritize intimate connections with consumers that drive brand loyalty and positively impact the bottom line. This sets up a disquieting quandary for marketers that need to reach users but remain fiercely protective of their brands.

The good news? There is a safe haven out there. At a time when trust, or lack of it, is front and center, digital audio can deliver both dependability and engagement. The audience for both streaming music and podcasts is growing rapidly, attracting avid, engaged fans.

Read Brian's full article in Adweek here.

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