Burger King takes a bite of the French market by putting music on the menu

Variety may be the spice of life, but mystery adds its fair share of flavor. In France, Burger King hoped to capitalize on the appeal of the unknown by bringing back their Mystery Burger (a.k.a. the "Burger Mystère"). On the menu: twelve different burgers for customers to enjoy, selected at random for only €3 apiece. It was a conceptual promotion, and Spotify delivered a music-based ad campaign to match the mystique.

The media mix:

Brand vertical: Quick-Service Restaurant (QSR)
Objective: Brand Awareness
Target audience: Foodies, Gamers, Gen Zs, and Millennials, Ages 16-44
Targeting used: Age, Interest/ Behavior
Market: France
Flight dates: 9/6/22–9/30/22
Formats: Audio Everywhere, Homepage Takeover, Leaderboard, Overlay, Video Takeover

The Brief:

When purchasing a Mystery Burger, customers don't know what they're getting until they open the box—and that's part of the fun. To match the eccentricity of the product, Burger King knew they needed an equally quirky ad campaign. The goal was to expose their target customers (Gen Zs and millennials in particular) to the limited-time promotion. They also hoped to increase awareness of the offer and drive sales with effective and memorable creative.

The Solution:

The campaign was a great fit for young Spotify listeners, especially considering how much they like to explore the different sides of themselves (and, of course, their unique tastes). Spotify's most recent Culture Next report shows that 69% of listeners in France (and 80% in the U.S.) like it when brands are able to connect with varying parts of their personalities.1

To tap into their distinctive musical preferences, Burger King created a microsite that analyzed listeners' favorite music and paired them with one of the twelve burger options. Not only did the microsite scan each user's Spotify account to identify their tastes, but it also offered a personalized playlist to go along with the associated burger.

To play up the mystery aspect of the promotion, Burger King leveraged both audio ads and contextually relevant, multi-format display and video ads showcasing nondescript food packaging and question marks. The campaign targeted key audiences including Foodies, Gen Zs, Millennials, and Gamers. Because Gen Zs and Millennials are all about self-expression—Spotify's report also found that 58% of Gen Zs in France (and 69% in the U.S.) own products that allow them to explore different sides of themselves2—the campaign really struck a positive note.

The Impact:

The Burger King advertising campaign was a standout success, resonating especially well with Gen Z and Millennial audiences. The multi-format campaign consistently delivered above-benchmark results, with listeners significantly more likely to associate Burger King with the Mystery Burger promotion. The campaign also improved ad recall and campaign awareness among listeners.

Overall campaign results:

  • +52

    pts increase in Ad Recall of Burger King ads on Spotify, when exposed to multiple formats

  • +12

    pts increase in Association with “Burger Mystere", when exposed to multiple formats

  • +48

    pts increase in Ad Recall of Burger King ads on Spotify amongst the prime audience group of 18-24s

The Takeaway:

For brands hoping to harness that elusive je ne sais quoi, a comprehensive campaign complete with a microsite can create standout results. Multi-format campaigns with a mix of audio, display, and video ads can work especially well for brands intent on boosting brand association and recall. And finally, adding a touch of personalization piques young listeners' attention—especially if you demonstrate that you truly "get" their tastes.

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  1. "Spotify Culture Next survey, France, among 750 respondents 15-40," March-April 2022.
  2. "Spotify Culture Next survey, U.S., among 750 respondents 15-40," March-April 2022.

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