Culture Next: Spotify's annual global trend report

Every year, we check in with Zs and millennials to hear how they’re shaping the future and what it means for advertisers on Spotify. Welcome to our annual Culture Next reports.

The 2023 report

In the global digital age, culture is constantly growing, morphing, and being redefined. It never stays the same—and anyone, anywhere, can influence its course. So what does that mean for advertisers? For this fifth iteration of Culture Next we reexamined the habits, behaviors and opinions of Zs and their millennial counterparts who drive culture on Spotify.

The 2022 report

Gen Zs took center stage in our 2022 Culture Next report. We explore how they’re using audio to redefine culture, fandom—and themselves. Check out the top trends and insights from the report.

The 2021 report

Last year was a cultural wake-up call. This year is a cultural rebirth. See how millennials and Gen Zs are creating, curating, and experiencing culture in real time on Spotify. Get the full story in our third annual Culture Next report.

The 2020 report

As we put together our second annual Culture Next report, one thing became clear: The events of 2020 have clarified — and in many ways, accelerated — trends that Gen Zs and millennials have been shaping for quite some time.

The 2019 report

Our inaugural 2019 report took a high-level view of the broader generational shifts at hand. What is it that sets Zs and millennials apart from others? And how are they making their mark on culture?

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