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To reach fitness buffs, find the right beat

Every tough run, long bike ride, and refreshing yoga session has a perfect playlist to go with it. That’s a big reason why Spotify Free users stream fitness-related playlists for more than 100 million minutes monthly. Through our Streaming Intelligence, we’re able to see how fitness enthusiasts listen on the platform — soundtracking their workouts all year long.

Here are a few key takeaways:

  • Big sporting events inspire action. Streams of running playlists spiked +54% during the week of the London Marathon.1
  • Mondays are for motivation. Monday streams of the Workout moment increase +25% compared to Sunday.2
  • Workouts and runs surround shower-time and mealtime. We see that peaks in shower streaming directly follow peaks in workout streaming. And running streams peak at 11AM and 6PM — right before lunch and dinner.3

Plus, our insights go beyond daily moments to show year-round trends among these workout buffs:

  • New Year’s resolutions lead to a streaming surge. In January 2020, there was a +24% increase in workout playlist streams compared to December 2019. New year, new playlists.4
  • Workout warriors hibernate in the winter. Fitness-related streams decrease by 72% on the platform in the winter months. We don’t blame listeners for taking it easy as the weather gets chilly.5
  • Yoga is consistent throughout the year. In fact, users are over 4x more likely to stream Yoga playlists in November and December.6

For marketers, these insights are a helpful reminder that Spotify can help you reach listeners when they’re on the move. Use our targeting tools to reach relevant audience segments (like Professional Sports Fans, Runners, and Outdoor Enthusiasts) with the right message. Or, try sponsoring our top fitness playlists — like Beast Mode, Motivation Mix, Power Workout, or Yoga & Meditation — with a contextual ad that fits the moment.

Download our full audience overview for more tips and tricks on how your brand can reach fitness enthusiasts while they’re staying active.

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