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A Guide to Podcast Promotion on Spotify Ad Studio

Learn strategies for reaching your target listener and creating ads that raise awareness for your podcast.

Brands, businesses, and creators alike are quickly discovering that podcasts are an invaluable content channel.1 And it’s easy to understand why: podcasts can help you to build your brand, inspire customer loyalty, and create authentic, emotional connections with listeners. It’s rare to find a content format that offers the time and space to talk in-depth about a product, business, or area of expertise, directly with your target audience.

But building an audience for a podcast takes time and requires more than just great content. Having a promotion plan to get the word out about your show is critical.

As we’re writing this, there are more than 208 million ad-supported Spotify listeners around the globe.2 And nearly half (48%) of Spotify podcast listeners spend anywhere from one to four hours a week listening to podcasts.3 That's a lot of potential new fans of your podcast who are already enjoying podcast content on Spotify.

It's not that easy to reach the podcast audience effectively without having long "click ways" from a social media post to a podcast streaming platform and the promoted podcast episode. Audio ads on Spotify offer us a way to reach the audio-savvy target group already on the right platform.

Feline Heck, Social Media Specialist, Oliver Schrott Kommunikation

There are many different paths you can take to successfully promote your podcast and build a following. But if you have a limited promotion budget, how do you access listeners and grow your audience? An easy and low-cost way is through Spotify Ad Studio, our self-serve advertising channel.

Ad Studio makes podcast promotion on Spotify accessible to advertisers of all sizes. With low-budget minimums and powerful targeting capabilities, you can create campaigns that reach listeners passionate about topics and activities relevant to your show, as well as target podcast-enthusiasts. Plus, with Ad Studio’s free audio ad creation tools and services, you can create messages specifically tailored to your target audience—all without a huge promotion budget.

Spotify is the most important platform for podcasting. And, from a marketer’s perspective, Spotify Ad Studio offers many valuable targeting options to help you define your show’s target group and reach exactly those people on Spotify.

Ina Vienerius, Senior Digital Communications Manager, Deloitte Deutschland Podcast

Learn how to connect with your target listeners on Spotify using strategies and tools accessible through Ad Studio by downloading our Guide to Podcast Promotion.

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