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Millennials on Spotify: The work moment

Whether it’s hitting the books or heading into the office for a long day on the computer, working is a moment that calls for focus, but can also bring stress. Be a cheerleader in this moment and try to help motivate, but don’t go over the top.

Who’s listening in this moment?

A diverse bunch — people who listen to music while they’re working or studying are likely into fitness and food. They also enjoy gaming. No matter your message, just make sure it doesn’t disrupt their focus.

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Alisha, from the US, uses music to help push her through work.

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Matthew, from the US, listens to wordless music to concentrate.

Top working genres

Hunched over the computer and trying to focus — sound familiar? Those we interviewed told us that music without lyrics plays a huge role in this moment — and according to our streaming intelligence, crunk, alternative metal and acoustic pop also keep millennials whistling while they work.

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How to reach millennials in the work moment

Throughout the workday, smaller touchpoints can boost relevance. Think about marrying your message to the most relevant time of day by using daypart targeting. For example, in the morning, workers might need encouragement to stay focused, but later in the afternoon, it could be a welcome distraction to tempt them with a coffee break. And remember, the more personal you can get with your creative experience the better. Tap into our streaming intelligence to input details about weather (via programmatic) or time of day to make the creative super relevant to the user.

Working is a key lean-in and desktop-heavy moment, which means this is a great opportunity to use high-impact formats like homepage takeover and video to capture attention and deliver a memorable message — particularly during a much-needed break. We've heard from millennials that desktop ads give them a great balance of engagement and keeps their music experience seamless: "I like but am not interrupted by it."

The work moment gives advertisers a chance to run a multi-media campaign that uses audio, video and display to tell your brand’s story. Campaigns that include audio and other formats drive higher lifts in ad recall (+35%), brand awareness (+122%) and consideration (+450%).

On Spotify, brands can also enhance the moment with a motivational Sponsored Playlist or real-time focus playlist targeting to reach people listening to a variety of focus playlists from Deep-Focus to Peaceful Piano.

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