Getting started: Programmatic advertising

A data-driven approach to advertising on Spotify.

Share your message with the right audience on Spotify through your preferred automated buying partner.

We believe you should be able to set up Spotify campaigns as efficiently and with as much flexibility as possible. Our programmatic suite provides advertisers with the ability to access Spotify’s enhanced audience targeting capabilities and premium ad experiences all through your preferred automated buying partner.

Why programmatic?

Spotify’s programmatic suite allows you to leverage the same techniques that make automated buying so powerful, but on Spotify’s premium ad formats.

Scaled audiences

Scale the reach of your programmatic campaigns by reaching millions of Spotify’s logged-in users.

Premium ad experiences

Share your messaging through highly engaging audio, video, and display formats in a brand safe environment against premium content.

Powerful targeting options

Enhance your audience targeting capabilities with Spotify’s first-party contextual data to better align your media to speak to the mindsets and daily activities of listeners.

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