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Millennials on Spotify: The chores moment

So fresh and so clean: while keeping the house spick and span, music helps break up monotony. This is a great time to introduce information and say something interesting. You’ve got time and an audience who’s listening.

Who’s listening in this moment?

According to Spotify’s streaming intelligence, people who listen to music while they do housework or chores are likely parents. This is an opportunity to target this audience when they are actively looking to be entertained.

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Katy, from Australia, uses music as a motivational tool while doing chores.

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Brandon, from the UK, soundtracks his scrubbing and mopping with good tunes.

Top chore genres

Dusting, organizing, and mopping can all be enhanced with a little music — particularly rock singles and alt metal, but country also has a place to keep the cleaning motivation going.

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How to reach millennials in the chores moment

Catching millennials while they’re in the middle of folding laundry or mopping floors means their hands are busy, but their ears are open and receptive to new messaging. This is a great chance to transport your audience via audio to an experience that is less mundane.

In the chores moment, we saw millennials listened to music that kept them motivated and entertained. They looked to relevant playlists and music genres to break the monotony of tedious outdoor tasks like gardening or cleaning the house. Aligning with their top genres like Album Rock, Alternative Metal and Contemporary Country or tapping into real-time housework playlist targeting are both great ways to enhance the chores moment.

CPG brands are relevant during these listening sessions, but there’s also an opportunity to get creative with aspirational and evocative messaging around travel or retail shopping, tapping into their demographics, interests, day, time, and even the weather (via programmatic) to personalize your message.

Because it might be cumbersome for your audience to stop their task to click on an ad, use memorable messages to plant the seed for future actions during this moment instead.

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