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Feeding hungry ears with Snickers

You’re a die-hard pop fan and you’re suddenly listening to classic rock. Something’s...not right. Have you eaten today? We only ask because you’re not you when you’re hungry and neither are your music tastes. We teamed up with Snickers to deliver that wake-up call with a data-driven audio campaign.

The Challenge

To underscore the iconic “you’re not you when you’re hungry” mantra, Snickers wanted to prove that music listeners aren't exceptions to hunger pains.

The Big Idea

Everything clicked when we realized hunger pains can be traced to moments when a fan’s musical interests go haywire—like, say, when a hardcore UK grime fan listens to jam bands. (Someone ought to send them a Snickers, stat.) What if we created an experience that spoke to Snickers’ target audience the moment they started listening to anything out of the norm?

The Magic

We analyzed Snickers’ target audience and identified three popular genres of music: Grime, Rock, and Pop. The moment a listener dropped one beat outside their genre (a behavior we can track thanks to our Streaming Intelligence), that was the trigger for us to deliver the wake-up call.

And what a wake-up call it was. Listeners didn’t hear run-of-the-mill ads. They heard chart-worthy songs custom-made for the campaign, with original lyrics and composition that drove home the “you’re not you when you’re hungry” message in a genre listeners loved. And then, just to make sure the hunger didn’t take over, Snickers served up a delicious “Hunger Hits” branded playlist to get listeners back on track.

The experience was a huge success. The “Hunger Spotter” campaign took home victories at the British Media Awards, Drum Marketing Awards, and more.

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Snickers x Spotify

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