Unipegaso and Spotify give remote learning a brand new beat

Unipegaso, one of the largest remote-learning universities in Italy, turned to Spotify to drum up brand awareness with high school grads ready to take the next step.

The media mix

  • Brand vertical: Higher education
  • Objective: Awareness
  • Target audience: Prospective students, 17-20
  • Targeting used: Real-time context and Interests
  • Market: Italy
  • Format: Audio and video ads

The Brief:

The pandemic accelerated the global trend toward remote learning, with many students shifting to fully virtual classrooms for the first time. Gen Z, more than any other generation, values flexible schedules and having work/life balance. They also love their technology and view it as an escape from seemingly neverending screen time. In fact, 71% of Gen Zs say they use audio to reduce their stress levels.1

Unipegaso saw this as an opportunity to take advantage of Spotify Ad Studio's unique audience targeting—they successfully connected with prospective students between the ages of 17 and 20 across relevant moments, contexts, and devices.

The Solution:

Although Unipegaso is one of Italy's most well-established remote universities, they wanted to find new, digital channels to reach an even larger audience. On top of running audio ads for the first time, Unipegaso adapted video assets they already had on hand to run a multiformat campaign with both digital audio ads and video ads—a type of campaign that Spotify data suggests results in a 90% increase in ad recall and more than two times the rate of brand awareness.2

Taking a true test-and-learn approach, Unipegaso targeted each ad set differently to see which segment drove the best results. Seventy-five percent of Spotify listeners say they remember ads more when the ads recognize their moment or setting.3 This was the case for Unipegaso, whose ads showed up in the right contexts and stayed top of mind.


The Impact:

Unipegaso's first foray into digital audio advertising and audio storytelling earned top marks. The campaign found its rhythm with their target audience, leading to a website conversion rate of 4.02% and a video campaign conversion rate of 1.3% (well over the Spotify benchmark of 0.06%).

  • 1.3%

    Video ad click-through rate

  • 4%

    Website conversion rate

Using Spotify Ad Studio is simple and intuitive. But the feature that particularly impressed us was the very precise audience targeting.

Davide Cesarano

Digital Strategist of Università Telematica Pegaso

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  1. "Spotify Culture, Next vol. 3," US. 2021
  2. Nielsen Brand Effect on Spotify, March 2020
  3. "Key Moments Survey," Spotify Users aged 15-40, US, UK, DE, IT, SP, MX, BR, AU. October 2019. *answered top two boxes on a scale from Strongly Disagree to Strongly Agree

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