TWO MEN AND A TRUCK™ drive awareness with podcast ads

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK wanted to drive awareness for their junk removal service with a podcast ad campaign that reached podcast listeners age 30+ in specific zip codes. Audience-based podcast buying and a turnkey creative process on Spotify Ad Studio helped the moving company engage local audiences and find new customers.

The media mix

Brand vertical: Moving services
Objective: Brand awareness
Target audience: Adults, 30+ years old
Targeting used: Zipcode targeting
Market: US
Flight dates: 7/13/21 - 7/21/21
Format: Audio (podcast placement)

The brief:

National moving company TWO MEN AND A TRUCK recently launched a junk removal service for customers looking to get rid of furniture and other big, heavy items. But not all of their franchise locations provide junk removal, so ads promoting the service needed to be precisely targeted to the areas of the country where its offered.

In the past, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK ran audio ad campaigns targeting Spotify Free music listeners with our self-serve advertising platform, Ad Studio, to great success. They were excited to test our newest self-serve ad placement, podcast advertising, as a brand awareness driver for their junk removal service.

The solution:

As avid podcast listeners themselves, the team behind TWO MEN AND A TRUCK saw the value in aligning their brand with trusted voices and showing up in an environment where audiences are tuned in.

“We know more and more people listen to podcasts, and those podcast listeners are really focused on the content,” said Greg Kohler, the Digital Advertising Lead of TWO MEN AND A TRUCK. “And as a podcast listener myself, I like hearing ads—I know they’re supporting the creator too.”

Podcast ads were a new format for TWO MEN AND A TRUCK, but Ad Studio’s easy-to-use platform made their campaign creation and management a seamless process. “The experience of booking podcast advertising was so similar to what I expected from running previous Ad Studio campaigns, and it made it clear and easy to get started with this new medium,” Greg told us.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK also worked with the Ad Studio team to develop and produce the creative for this campaign. We wrote a script, recorded, and mixed the approved ad for free based on the brand’s creative brief.

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🎧 Hear the spot for yourself.

“The process of submitting the brief was super easy,” said Greg. “We got it back quickly; we were so pleased with how it turned out.” Having Spotify handle this aspect of the process was a welcome time-saver. For other channels, the brand builds out their audio ad themselves from start to finish.

The impact:

With the help of Ad Studio's reporting dashboard, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK dug into results and optimized their campaign in real-time. And, thanks to Spotify’s Streaming Ad Insertion technology, they could see metrics like reach and frequency that wouldn’t be available with traditional podcast advertising. As a business with different locations, accurate audience reach was critical to campaign success.

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