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The evolution of podcast advertising

Our new whitepaper breaks down the history of the podcast medium for advertisers—and what the future holds.

Podcasts have emerged at the center of audio’s renaissance, now reaching over 1 in 3 Americans1 for over 45 minutes per day.2 Still, despite the impressive rise of the medium, there’s untapped potential and massive runway for growth: Podcasts currently account for only 0.6% of total US digital ad spend.3 Here at Spotify, we believe that podcast ads will soon experience a necessary evolution and modernization — just as display advertising did with the advent of viewability. That’s why we’re moving the industry forward with Streaming Ad Insertion: a new technology that unlocks digital planning, reporting, and measurement for advertisers.

In our new whitepaper, available to download now, we break down where the podcast revolution is headed next and how we got to where we are now. In it, you’ll find insights on the evolution of the medium—from the first podcasts in the early 2000s, to Serial’s medium-defining popularity in 2014, to the rise of Dynamic Ad Insertion as a newer solution for advertisers. We highlight what the challenges have been for podcast advertisers so far, and explore how Streaming Ad Insertion will help solve them, all while considering future innovations to come.

We’ve also put together a podcast ad checklist with essential tips for podcast advertisers. Informed by our first-party data, this simple guide can help you make the most out of your podcast ads.

We’re in the midst of an unprecedented period of podcast and audio innovation. From consumer innovations like social audio, to video podcasts, to ad tech innovations like SAI, the audio landscape continues to open up new opportunities for advertisers.

Download our whitepaper to learn the history of podcast advertising and explore its future. And remember to stay nimble—the podcast medium is still ripe for innovation.

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