Petit BamBou's mindful strategy for digital audio ads raises awareness

When seeking out a meditative moment or searching for a creative muse, many listeners turn to Spotify. So naturally, when meditation app Petit BamBou wanted to raise brand awareness, they turned to us too. Petit BamBou leveraged Spotify's ability to reach distinct audiences—including commuters, travelers, and more—to connect with customers in need of a dose of mindfulness.

The Media mix:

Brand vertical: Tech
Objective: Awareness
Target audience: 18-54+
Targeting used: Age 18-54+, Commuting, Travel, Love & Dating
Market: Italy
Flight dates: 1/24/22 - 3/20/22
Format(s): Audio

The Brief:

With their vast catalog of guided meditations, Petit Bambou helps people embrace a more conscious way to face life's challenges—in only ten minutes a day. With the help of digital agency WinTrade, Petit BamBou set out to challenge the notion that meditation is difficult or time-consuming. They wanted to show their audience just how easy it is to practice daily meditation.

The Solution:

With a listener-focused platform that's similar to Petit BamBou's own user-centric design, Spotify was the perfect fit for the meditation app's audience targeting needs. To achieve their goals, Petit BamBou tested out the message that you don't need a lot of time or training to develop a meditation habit.

Petit BamBou and WinTrade worked with Spotify Ad Studio to create three different audio ads recorded as episodic campaigns. Using compelling storytelling, the campaigns captivated Spotify listeners interested in commuting, traveling, and love and dating.

The Impact:

Petit BamBou's test campaigns produced memorable audio messages that contributed to an impressive click-through rate (CTR) of 0.45%—well above the Italian market's 0.10% benchmark for audio. This led to a reach of more than 1.1 million unique app users.

  • 0.45%

    Click-through rate

    Audio ads drove a CTR of 0.45%
  • 1.1M


    As a result, over 1.1 million people used the app

The success isn't a huge surprise, given what we know about the soothing power of music. Audio doesn't just enhance listeners' daily moments and activities—many people actively turn to audio for mental relief, or as an escape from too much screen time. In fact, 74% of millennials see audio as a mental health resource, and a majority of millennials (78%) and Gen Zs (71%) agree that audio helps reduce stress levels.1

Less stress? That's a mantra we can get behind.

  1. Spotify Culture Next survey, Global, among 9,000 respondents 15-40, April 2021

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