Nationwide gives Spotify users a lasting sense of protection

To promote their message of protection, Nationwide turned to Spotify’s trusted platform for an 8-month long, multi-format campaign.

  • 22 pp

    Ad Recall

    22 percentage point increase in recall of Nationwide’s ads on Spotify.

  • 8 pp

    Attribute Rating

    8 percentage point increase in agreement that Nationwide “helps you protect the life you’ve created today and the one you look forward to.”


Over the past 90 years, a focus on customer needs and client relationships has helped Nationwide become one of the largest insurance and financial services companies in the world. As a Fortune 100 company and top 10 U.S. insurer, Nationwide is an industry leader in driving customer-focused innovation by providing a full range of insurance and financial services products.

The insurance landscape is competitive, as people typically consider four to five insurers when searching. As a result, it's critical for insurance brands to distinguish themselves — to ultimately drive consideration and persuade prospective customers to select one carrier over another. So for their latest campaign, Nationwide wanted to drive a strong, favorable brand opinion aligned with the theme of protection across Financial and Insurance to stress the security of their product. They also wanted to create a more meaningful connection with digitally-savvy and financially curious people aged 25-49 at scale, playing up their focus on protection of family, assets (home/financial), future, and more.


Nationwide implemented a multi-format strategy on Spotify for reach and trust. Since 70% of our users say advertising on Spotify makes a brand seem smart and trustworthy,1 our platform contributed a halo effect to the campaign. The brand reached their target audience (listeners aged 25-49) through our Sponsored Sessions format — an ad solution they’d already had success with in past campaigns. And for the first time, Nationwide layered in Video Takeover Everywhere and Audio Everywhere formats to amplify their message with greater share of voice, gain efficiencies, and create a more high-impact presence.

We couldn’t be happier with the results Spotify was able to deliver.

Sara Sorce

Nationwide Associate Vice President, Brand and Performance Paid Media

During the 8-month campaign, Nationwide’s audience experienced compelling visual and audio messaging from the brand, with the help of enticing brand spokespeople. Across formats, the campaign creative worked together to generate significant lifts in all brand metrics — exceeding both Spotify and the brand’s benchmarks for completion rates and viewability. “Spotify has been an ideal partner for us,” said Sara Sorce, Nationwide Associate Vice President, Brand and Performance Paid Media. “We’re always excited to engage in platforms that allow us to effectively and efficiently reach our target audience and we couldn’t be happier with the results Spotify was able to deliver in terms of ad breakthrough.”


  • With a clear message about the value of Nationwide’s policies, the campaign drove strong lifts in Ad Recall (+22 pp), Attribute Rating (+8 pp), and Familiarity (+6 pp).
  • The campaign resonated with millennials, overperforming with this audience for Attribute Rating (+10 pp).
  • In a hyper-competitive industry, Nationwide influenced the ever-elusive set of consumers who do not have a policy with Nationwide nor its competitors. Ad Recall for these prospective customers gained +27 percentage points.
  • The campaign performed especially well with women, who responded better across all four brand metrics, with an outsized impact for Attribute Rating (+14 pp) and Favorability (+7pp).
Source:Nielsen Brand Effect, September 2020 Formats:Audio Everywhere, Sponsored Sessions, Video Takeover Everywhere Market:US Campaign Dates:January - September 2020 1 Ypulse & Spotify, “A Day in the Life” 2018 US, UK, AU

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