Audio ad specs and requirements

Every brand has a story to tell and yours deserves to be heard. Spotify audio ads reach engaged listeners as they stream their favorite songs and playlists throughout the day, creating a unique and powerful personal connection that is unmatched by other digital media forms.

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Audio Ad Specs

The specs and requirements listed here apply no matter how you place your audio ad buy, whether through managed services (direct IO, programmatic) or via self-service with Spotify Ad Studio.

Spotify is able to accept any creative up to 30-seconds.

Note: Long-form audio ads are offered in select markets for Direct IO and can accept any creative up to 60-seconds. Other than ad length, normal specifications and requirements for this offering are the same as for standard audio.

We recommend no more than 65 words for a 30-second ad.

Note: The recommended script length is 100 words for a 60-second ad.

The advertiser’s name should be no more than 25 characters.

Call to action (CTA) options:
– Apply now
– Book now
– Buy now
– Buy tickets
– Click now
– Download
– Find stores
– Get coupon
– Get info
– Learn more
– Listen now
– More info
– Pre-save
– Save now
– Share
– Shop now
– Sign up
– Visit profile
– Visit site
– Watch now

File type

– MP3, .OGG, or WAV format
– For Programmatic .OGG format required

File size

  • 1MB
  • For private marketplace and programmatic max file size is 500MB

Sample rate of 44.1kHz
Audio with the wrong sample rate runs the risk of playing at the wrong speed.

Bit rate of 192kbps
Important for good quality audio. Think of bit depth like the resolution of a digital photograph.

If your ad has music or sound effects (SFX), it will likely sound crowded in mono. Most music tracks are stereo, and bouncing to a mono file will flatten any spatial mixing on the track. Bouncing in stereo also allows you to place different components of the ad (music, SFX, VO) in different parts of the sound field for more engaging audio.

Overall loudness: -16 LUFS
Integrated average loudness of -16 LUFS (+/- 1.5 LUFS) and a True Peak limit of -2.0 dBTP. This ensures the ad volume is consistent with content and throughout the ad itself. If listeners feel the need to adjust their volume for an ad, they’re more likely to skip or feel interrupted.

Note: The True Peak limit is a maximum and not a number to necessarily reach. As long as the integrated loudness averages -16 LUFS (+/- 1.5 LUFS) and the TPL is equal to or less than -2.0 dB, the ad meets our spec.

Programmatic compliance:
VAST 2.0: All elements within VAST must make secure calls via https. Must not entail: JavaScript, VPAID, Survey tags/DMP pixels

Serve audio ads across mobile and tablet devices, desktops, and the Spotify web player.

Select gaming console, connected TV, connected car, and connected speaker availability varies by market.

Companion ad specs

A display ad unit is the visual element of your audio ad and appears when listeners engage with the Spotify app during an ad break.

1x Companion Image

  • Aspect Ratio: 1x1
  • Dimensions: 640x640
  • File type: JPEG, .PNG


  • Image dimensions: 300X250, 301x301 - DV360 only
  • File type: JPEG

  • Click command and 1x1 tracking pixel only
  • All third-party tags and tracking URLs need to be in HTTPS format.
  • Audio and companion display units are tracked together (clicks and impressions)
  • Ad Studio allows third-party tracking via DCM impression tags

  • Advertisers must provide a clickthrough URL (please use only one destination URL)
  • URLs should direct to HTTPS destinations only

1x Logo Image

  • Aspect Ratio: 1x1
  • Dimensions: 640x640
  • File type: JPEG, .PNG

For Ad Studio and Direct IO only

Tagline is intended to enforce the message of your audio ad

  • 40 characters maximum

For Ad Studio and Direct IO only

Canvas Ad Specs

Available only in Ad Studio, Canvas for Advertisers brings the much-loved looping visual from the music experience to your audio ads on Spotify. Meaning potentially increased engagement, at no additional cost.

A full-screen image or short looping visual may appear with your audio ad while the Spotify mobile app is in focus.

  • Ratio: 9x16
  • Height: At least 720px
  • Video length (optional): 3-8 seconds
  • File format: .JPG, .PNG, .MP4 or .MOV

If you upload a 3-8 second video to Ad Studio, the video will automatically loop in sound-off mode with the audio ad voiceover and background music playing alongside it.

Player controls will partially obstruct your Canvas at the top and bottom of the screen.

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