MTV builds buzz for 'The Charlotte Show' on Spotify

MTV used Spotify’s high-impact audio, video, and display ad formats as a canvas for The Charlotte Show, driving massive lifts across a wide range of brand metrics for the lively new series.

  • 180%

    Brand awareness

    180% lift in awareness of The Charlotte Show compared to control.
  • 700%

    Ad recall

    700% lift in recall of The Charlotte Show’s ads compared to control.
  • 236%


    236% lift in agreement with the statement: "The Charlotte Show is for people like me."


MTV UK wanted to drive awareness for their brand new series The Charlotte Show among their key audience of 18- to 34-year-old women.


Charlotte Crosby, the star of MTV’s The Charlotte Show in the UK, is quite the character. That’s why MTV took advantage of Spotify’s highly viewable ad environment to promote her new show — making sure that Crosby could be seen and heard by new fans in every way imaginable.

MTV came to Spotify with two goals in mind: To boost awareness of Crosby’s new show, The Charlotte Show, and to pump up the overall perception of MTV as a definitive home for bold, funny content. By reaching their audience of 18- to 34-year-old women on Spotify, they did just that — directly aligning their brand with Spotify’s relevance and popularity among this young audience.

Since multi-format campaigns are proven to be more effective on Spotify,¹ MTV used a diverse media mix of display, video and audio formats (specifically Audio and Video Everywhere, Overlay and Leaderboard). They also took advantage of Spotify’s audience targeting, even using the playlist targeting feature to reach these young women while they listened to workout, yoga and running playlists. Crosby’s high-energy antics proved to be a good fit for people getting fit.

The campaign was simple, clear and effective — showing clips and outtakes from The Charlotte Show to the right audience at the right time and place. Spotify’s high-quality video environment was the perfect canvas to put Crosby’s outspoken personality front and center, so she could truly be the selling point of the show and appeal to new fans. (True to her personality, some ads featured 12 separate images of her face, Brady Bunch style... so you really couldn’t miss her.)

The campaign also drove a boost in MTV’s association with the show, driving a 171% lift in the statement that “the show feels like a good fit for the network.” MTV was able to prove to Spotify listeners that it’s a definitive home for bold, exciting new shows and content.


  • Thanks to its highly viewable format, MTV’s campaign drove awareness by 180% compared to control.
  • The ads drove a 700% lift in ad recall, standing out on the Spotify platform by letting Crosby’s dynamic personality do the talking.
  • The ads drove a 236% lift in agreement with the statement that The Charlotte Show is “for people like me,” which proved that MTV’s targeting was effective in reaching the right people.
Formats: Audio and Video Everywhere, Overlay, Leaderboard Market: United Kingdom Flight: March 2018 Source: LeanLab, April 2018 ¹LeanLab, Spotify Global through March 2018 vs. unexposed control group

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